Sparta Woman Suffers Injuries After Being Attacked by Her Bull

Photo courtesy of Pixabay

A Sparta woman suffered injuries to her head and upper body after her bull attacked her on Friday. According to the New Jersey Herald, Wendy McDermott was contacted by police after her bull escaped its enclosure and started approaching vehicles on Houses Corner Road.

McDermott told officers she would try to get the bull back to her farm using food and that the bull had been "highly aggressive lately." The animal allegedly followed McDermott's car up the road toward the farm but it bumped the vehicle and tried to mount it several times.

When McDermott tried to get the bull into its enclosure, it attacked her and started "throwing her around." She screamed that the bull was going to kill her and needed to be shot. Sparta Officer Arlene Lippencott tried to distract the bull while getting McDermott into her patrol vehicle.

The animal was reportedly killed by Sparta Sgt. Adam Carbery and Officer Timothy Lynott after it charged another patrol vehicle.

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