Sussex County Schools Will Lose $5.3 million in State Aid This Coming Year

Photo by Sarah the Web Girl

On Friday, Governor Phil Murphy announced a second wave of state aid cuts that will have a largely negative effect on Sussex County public school districts. According to the New Jersey Herald, all but four local schooldistricts will see a cut in state aid this coming year as part of a seven-year realignment of school funding.

The school districts that will get an increase in aid include Newton, Franklin, and Green. Newton will reportedly see a $600,000 increase while Franklin and Green will each get an increase of up to 1%. Sussex County Technical School will see no change to their aid.

The $5.3 million cut from Sussex County schools' state aid this coming year includes:

  • $1.1 million cut from Hopatcong
  • $480,000 cut from High Point
  • $1.47 million cut from Vernon
  • $500,000 cut from Kittatinny Regional

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