Father of 7-year-old Newton Student Faces Truancy Charge

Photo by Sarah the Web Girl

The father of a Newton student is facing a truancy charge because his son has missed over 3.5 months of school. According to the New Jersey Herald, the town is a "walking district" so they don't bus children who live within two miles of a school and the family lives 1.6 miles away.

Since the child's mother has a medical condition that prevents her from driving or walking and the father starts work at 5 a.m. in Jersey City, the 7-year-old is expected to walk the 40 minutes to Merriam Avenue Elementary School each morning alone.

The child's father reportedly tried speaking to school officials about alternatives because they are concerned about the child's safety but nothing changed. David A. Neufield, the family's attorney, plans to speak with the school board, the board's attorney, and the superintendent to see if a busing arrangement can be made.

Neufield told the New Jersey Herald that the parents are willing to "pay for his safety out of their own pocket."

A trial date is tentatively set for mid-April.

Read the NJHerald.com story here.

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