Newton Self-storage Facility Closes, Renters Claim Lack of Adequate Notice

Photo by NoDerog / Getty Images

M&E Self Storage closed for good on Saturday, March 30 and some renters are claiming they didn't receive adequate notice. According to the New Jersey Herald, the facility notified renters about the closure by certified mail and posted a notice dated March 14 on the front door that read "All items must be removed from the units or they will be disposed of during demolition of the building."

However, Ryan Stapel told the New Jersey Herald that he never got a letter and only found out about the closure after receiving a phone call on March 16 from an M&E employee that was recently let go by the company. Subsequently the Stapel family spent most of Friday and Saturday moving items from their two storage units into storage pods.

At this time it's unknown when the building will be demolished but the owner of M&E Self Storage, Greg Martorana, was reportedly issued a demolition permit on Feb. 26.

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