Allegations Prompt Investigation into Lenape Valley Baseball Coach

Photo by Sarah the Web Girl

Allegations made by several parents have prompted Lenape Valley to open an investigation into the high school's head baseball coach, Robert Klinck. According to the New Jersey Herald, Sussex County Executive Superintendent Rosalie Lamonte contacted Lenape's Superintendent Paul DiRupo to open a Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying (HIB) investigation and asked Sussex County Education Specialist Stephen Goldman to look into whether the district has been following proper HIB reporting protocols.

Some parents are claiming that Klinick retaliated against players after they or their kids spoke out at Board of Education meetings. According to the New Jersey Herald, the HIB investigation was sparked after Tracy Lyons said her son, J.T., was cut from the team after his father took notes at a board meeting. As a freshman and sophomore, J.T. was a starting shortstop on the varsity team but he started junior year on the bench. When J.T. asked Klinick why he was benched Klinick allegedly said it was because J.T. was lazy and did not put the effort in

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