Byram Man Admits to Sending Pornographic Images to Minor

Photo by Mike Whitby / EyeEm / Getty Images

A Byram man has been arrested after he allegedly admitted to showing pornographic images to a minor. According to the Byram Police Department, unidentified parents found inappropriate texts between their 17-year-old child and 74-year-old Gary Tisch.

An investigation was started with the assistance of the Sussex County Prosecutor’s Office after the parents filed a report in late 2018. Tisch reportedly admitted to showing pornographic images to the child in an interview with police. He's now facing charges that include endangering the welfare of a child and displaying obscene images to a minor.

Anyone with any additional information regarding this case is requested to contact Det. Robert Tierney of the Byram Police Department at (973) 347-4008.

Read the Byram Police Department's press release below.

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