Sussex County Authorities Continue to Investigate 6 Unsolved Homicides

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Sussex County Prosecutor's Office Cold Case Unit continues to investigate six unsolved homicides that date back as far as 1979. According to the New Jersey Herald, the cold case unit isn't isn't a separate unit and detectives work on the cases at night, on weekends, or when cases slow down.

The victims of the unsolved homicides are:

  • Lisa McBride, 27, of Vernon, in 1990
  • Edward Baker, 37, of Vernon, in 1979
  • An unidentified woman found in High Point State Park in 1980
  • Joseph Hoffman, 69, of Wantage, in 1989
  • Lynette Herring, 24, of Newburgh, N.Y., found in Montague in 1992
  • Baby Jacob Gerard, found at Holy Counselor Lutheran Church in Vernon in 1994

In 2012 the cold case unit was reportedly able to get eyewitness testimony for the previously unsolved 1999 murder of James Coursen who was found beaten and drowned in Cove Creek. Jerry Vandermark, of Wantage, was placed at the scene by jailhouse informants and pleaded guilty to the murder in 2013.

Anyone with information regarding the six unsolved cases is asked to contact the Sussex County Prosecutor's Office at 973-383-1570.

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