Mallomars Are Back on Shelves, Grab Them While they Last

Everyone's favorite seasonal cookie is back! Mallomars are on shelves and to celebrate we're sharing a few fun facts from Thrillist. Here are some things you might not now about the marshmallow chocolate cookie.

  1. Mallomars are only sold from September through March. The limited grocery store run was originally put in place in 1913 so the chocolate wouldn't melt because trucks weren't refrigerated.
  2. The first box of Mallomars was sold in West Hoboken, NJ which is now Union City, New Jersey.
  3. 70% of Mallomars are sold in the New York metropolitan area.
  4. Mallomars are manufactured in Toronto, but aren't sold anywhere in Canada.

Read more Mallomar facts from Thrillist here.

Sarah the Web Girl


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