Woman's Rant About Her Neighbors "Cheap" Halloween Candy Goes Viral

Merchandise is Offered for Sale at Walgreens

Photo: Scott Olson/Staff/Getty Images

One California woman's Facebook post is going viral after she shamed her neighbors for buying "cheap" candy. A screenshot of the neighborhood watch group rant was posted to Twitter by BestofNextdoor.

The woman starts off the long post by saying she's noticed more and more cheap candy in the neighborhood. She goes on to say that Dum Dums, Smarties, and Jolly Ranchers may be suitable for neighboring towns but "not here in Rancho Cucamonga."

"We are an affluent neighborhood and this status should be reflected in our candy provisions for Halloween,” she writes, before asking her neighbors to only buy "KING size candy."

Along with calling Peeps "terrible marshmallow tragedies" the unknown woman goes after the elderly that hand out change, telling them to "step up [their] game."

Read her full rant below.

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