Breaking the tradition.....

It's always been a tradition in my family to have an Easter egg hunt Easter morning then grab our baskets and see what the bunny brought us.  Of course in my Italian family there was always church as well.  I continued that tradition when I became a mother.... We'd dye the eggs the night before and the bunny would hide them around the house. The boys would have a blast finding them the next morning and be on a sugar high the entire day... which of course us parents couldn't complain about because after all.... it was Easter. 

Then following in old fashion tradition was church and cooking the largest dinner since Christmas... Well, this year my sister in law who is hosting though a brunch would be a fun change.... That threw my set in his ways Italian father into a tizzy. "What? Not ham? No turkey? We're having breakfast?? On this holy day?"   Of course all I could do is laugh.... I for one LOVE to bust my father about our religion... I said Dad... Good Friday and Easter Sunday are holy days for us, but technically the holiday involving a bunny is Pagan.... and then the fun starts lol.... 

Any way getting back to topic... Do you think it's sinful to switch up a family tradition? I mean what's wrong with starting new ones and keeping some of the old...According to "Livinly"  What's the good bad and the ugly about keeping with traditions?  there's some interesting info to read about the subject. 

I think there's fun and excitement to switch things up every once in a while, no? As long as the family unit is there, why not? My Grandma's are probably rolling over in their graves, but ehhhh, Love you Grandmas xoxox.  What do you think? 

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Stacy B

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