Vernon Kid, Pope John High Grad Drafted In NFL!

This is so exciting!  Ryan Izzo, a Tight End from Florida State University has been drafted by my New England Patriots in the 7th round!  Ryan grew up in Vernon, and is a Pope John High School graduate.  My Patriots drafted Ryan in the 7th round and I am PSYCHED!  The Patriots now have a Vernon connection.  I wish Ryan the best of luck, maybe we'll run into each other around Vernon, or maybe even near Foxborough, Massachusetts.  Talk about an exciting time for Sussex County, where one of our own could make an NFL roster.  Ryan I don't know if Ryan was a fan of my Patriots growing up here in Highland Lakes, but I bet he is now!  Yes, I'm sure this is bittersweet for most in Sussex County who hate on my Patriots.  Let's please focus on the sweet potential this has for Ryan.  If Ryan is concerned about being drafted in the 7th and final round, being the last Tight End selected, we can remind him that Tom Brady wasn't drafted himself until Round 6, pick #199.  That worked out pretty well for us. 

You can see Ryan's thoughts on hopefully making it to the NFL here.  Sounds like he has the strong work ethic we Pats love! 

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