3 Mistakes On Your Resume, Adding Years To Your Life, And Stay Up!

Three mistakes you are probably making on our resumes. Their first one about having a skills matrix right at the top makes a ton of sense to me. Our goal is to stand out right? Putting your most impressive skills and stats immediately at the top can definitely help us stand out. This can also show how unique our experiences can be too.

You can see all 3 mistakes we're likely making on our resume from Ladders.com by clicking here.

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What you're sleeping position says about the strength of your relationship. I vote NO on this. Sometimes we have to position ourselves in certain ways to be able to sleep. Some couples literally don't sleep together and are perfectly happy with that setup. I think you have to do whatever works best for you. Like when my friends say "okay Steve, that's unusual but you do you." I'm not even sure which of these categories Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I fall into based on their descriptions. Apparently we tend to do the back kisser, which isn't as creepy as it sounds. This just means that your backs are always touching. When mentioning to Steve Andrews that I always have my foot touching Meg's, Andrews noted that his Dog Maddie does the same exact thing. So he thinks that I'm just like his dog? Thanks Andrews!

You can enjoy the comedy here.

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How you can add years to your life? Become more optimistic! Studies are showing that being a downer can actually take years off your life which I totally believe. Life is tough on us already, if we're negative that can make things tough as hard.

The full study results are right here.

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