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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: NJ Taco Festival!

Due to my computer repeatedly malfunctioning at our iHeartRadio offices here in Franklin, NJ this Epic Weekend In Pictures will be slightly less Epic than usual. Sorry! #1stWorldProblems

This Epic Weekend In Pictures is one we certainly won't forget anytime soon. We were able to enjoy quality times and laughs with many of our wonderful friends. Friday night we started things off right doing a couple of apps with our besties Jasen and Brendan at The Cottage in Franklin. We had fun running into several of our friends there. When we arrived at The Cottage, I was immediately reminded of our late dear friend, Dina. The golf outing in her honor is coming up soon, you can find out more about that on She made a long lasting positive impact in a short time. Jasen was craving their dumplings. We enjoyed a couple of good laughs there, and then returned back to Campus in Vernon at Kite's. We had a great time with our besties. Then we ran into more of our great friends like Steve at Kite's. One of those terrific low key Friday nights, that still ended up becoming rather Epic.

Saturday morning Meg and I kept things rather low key, resting up for the Epic New Jersey Taco Festival at The Sussex County Fairgrounds. 9am, we had on the NFL Network. We were just chilling on my couch watching that. They were of course covering the Antonio Brown drama. Then, by 9:01am, Antonio Brown requested on Instagram for The Raiders to release him. Their coverage had to shift to nonstop Antonio Brown coverage. Meg and I looked up at each other and joked, watch one of our teams (my Patriots or her Cowboys,) end up getting him.

Saturday afternoon we had a GREAT time at the New Jersey Taco Festival. Talk about a huge crowd who were looking to have a great time. I swear they make this bigger and better every year. I hadn't been in a couple of years due to scheduling conflicts, and was so happy we made our return. The VIP Tent was amazing. Unlimited tacos and margaritas! You may know I'm very picky and personally not a taco guy, but I definitely made it count with the unlimited margaritas! BUENO! We had such a wonderful time with so many of our friends. It was one of those times where you have so many friends, you feel like you didn't get to spend enough time with each one of them. Overall an amazing, beautiful day at The Fairgrounds. I'll also be utilizing the jar of hot sauce that came with our VIP package! By Saturday afternoon 5pmish, I got an alert on my iPhone. I looked up at Meg and JG and said "HOLY BLEEP." The Patriots agreed to a one year deal with troubled, talented receiver Antonio Brown. All weekend my phone was blowing up with people asking me what I thought about the signing. This guy has been wildly misbehaving for a few years now, and doesn't seem to the The Patriot type or following The Patriot Way as we call it. My take is that Antonio Brown will be on such a short leash, if he messes up he's done with us immediately. It's a huge risk, but also a huge potential reward. My stomach was churning all day watching video of him celebrating getting his release from The Raiders. Some say it's almost like his bad behavior was rewarded, and I can't entirely disagree with that either. That being said, I think it's something that can work for both him and The Patriots. If AB proves that he actually can behave on a team with high, strict expectations then there will be a huge contract for him the following year from a team.

Saturday late afternoon early evening we made our way to Tiki Moonshine Poolside Bar at Minerals Sports Club. We were able to run into our friends Steve, Edward and bartender buddy Jake. We only did a couple of drinks there but enjoyed the gorgeous scenery. Just relaxing surrounded by the amazing pools feels like heaven on Earth. We're so lucky to live where we do.

Sunday morning, time for brunch with our besties. Friday night, Jasen and Brendan were busting on me because of my legendary cooking scrambled egg fail videos. That escalated to them having us over for brunch and mimosas Sunday morning. The hidden agenda was to see me fail at making scrambled eggs in person, and it worked. For some strange reason the whisking motion is a major challenge to me. The video you can probably still see on my Instagram @SteveAllanRadio. Some direct messaged me saying the comedy of that video made their weekend. LOL.

Sunday afternoon, football time! I was actually sad to see the Jets lose to Buffalo. I thought they had that one wrapped up. I was very happy to see Meg's Cowboys win, then my Patriots win. I HATE SUNDAY NIGHT GAMES THAT KEEP ME UP WAY PAST MY BEDTIME! At least we won. When you stay up past your bedtime and the team loses it makes the next morning hurt even more, right?

Overall we had an amazing weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend, Awesome Daughter Caitlyn's Wedding!

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