My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Oktoberfest And A Hay Pyramid!

After looking back on my Epic Weekend In Pictures, now it makes sense why I'm so tired. We had a fun, action packed Epic Weekend In Pictures! My travels took me mainly to Vernon and Franklin, and made the most of it every single second. It's always a tough weekend missing Awesome Girlfriend Megan when she's in Hackettstown and I'm in Vernon. We try to stay in touch as much as we can. Meg had a family graduation party, and I was attending several events in Vernon.

We'll start with Friday night, where I was able to see my personal massage therapist Elaine. Her medical massage style has seemingly been the only thing that's been helping the annoying pinched nerve in my hip these past few months. God bless Mama V. She is the best! You can also make an appointment with her at 973-534-7478. I met her almost a year ago at one of our fun radio station events, and now she's become a dear friend. The "zapper," that she used on my hip worked pretty well. Someday we'll get this pesky pinched nerve in my hip better, someday.

Saturday we had so many fun events happening in Sussex County. My first live broadcast was at Mountain Creek's Oktoberfest, or as I call it, Christmas. LOL. Steve Andrews kept joking all week about how I should bring a sleeping bag to the event. Oktoberfest is one of my favorite events all year with so many yummy beers and food options. The weather was gorgeous and the crowds were slamming. My broadcast there was from 10-noon, and I celebrated with a stein of Sierra Nevada Hazy Little Juicy IPA, one of my favorites. Their beer selection was tremendous. I think the top 3 Oktoberfest beers are probably Hacker Pschorr, Spaten Oktoberfest, and of course Sam Adams Oktoberfest. They all boost terrific Oktoberfest vibes.

Saturday afternoon, our next stop was to visit my friends at Heaven Hill Farm. Believe it or not, I had yet to experience The Great Pumpkin Festival. One complaint I hear when we enter Fall is how much people miss summer and the summer carnival times. At Heaven Hill Farm, they definitely fulfill that void and then some. Games all over and YUMMY food options along with GREAT wine sampling. I also experienced some new things, like climbing on top of their hay pyramid. I'll definitely never forget my On Top Of The World moment. Now they're apparently having me return to Heaven Hill Farm to announce a pig race in the near future. That last sentence is definitely something I never thought I would be saying!

Saturday afternoon I enjoyed a victory beer with my bestie Shawn at Smokey's in Vernon. Then I was able to venture out, get some errands done in Franklin, and then see my besties at Minerals Sports Club. Knowing we only have so many potential hours left at Moonshine Poolside Bar, I hurried over attempting to single handedly keep them open. Success! Great Saturday night with besties Jasen, Brendan, Carrie and Aggie. We then ventured up to Kite's for a nightcap, which I refer to as Campus bar hopping going from Tiki Bar to Kite's.

Sunday I was very excited. Since my Patriots were playing the Jets, that meant that they were going to be on regular TV. Woohoo! As much as I love going to see my Patriot fan friends at The Cottage, nothing is better than getting to watch the game from the comfort of your own home, right? That being said, Meg knows me all too well. She knew it was unlikely for me to just stay in my place for 5-8 straight hours without going out and seeing anyone. Apparently I'm a bit of a social animal. LOL. I went to The Cottage for another Perpetual IPA before going home to relax and watch my Patriots take on the Jets. I'm of course happy we won, and I'm hopeful Julian Edelman's injury isn't serious. I'm also thankful that we got rid of that idiot Antonio Brown. Despite his tremendous talent, he was just becoming too much of a distraction and embarrassment. I hope he finds help someday.

After the Patriots win, I usually stay in and relax, but my besties Carrie and Jasen reached out. I had a glass of wine with them on Campus, then returned back to my place. Both of my Fantasy Football teams are looking good so far, which means I'm waiting for the bottom to fall out of them. So far the Radioboyz (I spell with a Z because I'm of course such a bad@$$,) are looking decent.

Overall we had a terrific weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend. I already know I'll be at Audi Of Newton with Wally, Sussex Sit N Chat Diner, and Blackburns

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