My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Spin Drs, A Surprise, And Lots Of Events!

This Weekend was one of my most Epic ones ever! We'll start this Epic Weekend with Thursday night. Thursday night, Chris Barron, lead singer of The Spin Doctors played a special acoustic performance on my radio show. To get him doing basically a VH1 Story Tellers special in our Franklin Sussex Auto Mall Performance studio was such a treat. Working in radio for 15 years, I have seen probably over a hundred artist acoustic performances. Chris Barron ranks up there with some of the best ones I have ever seen. He's so down to Earth and grateful for his successful career. His story about opening for The Rolling Stones is legendary. He did Two Princes, Little Miss Can't Be Wrong and a new song. When I was going over my rundown with Chris Barron before his performance, he looked at me and asked "Hey Steve Allan, after we do our radio performance together, do you mind if I play a few more songs for the audience members who came to see me? I don't even need a microphone, just me and my guitar." How could I say no to that? An artist actually asked me to play more songs for our listeners than we even asked? I have never had that happen with an artist in my career. Everyone who was able to attend enjoyed a special show.

You can hear my full broadcast of Chris Barron playing on my radio show by clicking right here!

Friday night, Meg and I kicked off our weekend on the patio at The Cottage. It was a beautiful Fall Friday night, enjoying an acoustic set from Bill & Phil. Meg and I had fun times with several of our friends. By 8:30ish, I could tell Meg was starting to get a little chilly, so I brought us back to Campus in Vernon. We enjoyed a glass of wine with our bestie Carrie even though I forgot to photo document it, so there's question as to whether or not it actually happened lol. If it's not in Weekend In Pictures did it really happen?

Saturday morning it was off to see my friend Wally Darwish at Audi Of Newton. We say in our commercials that Wally cares about putting a smile on your face. All over that dealership, you could see people actually smiling. I think his optimism and positive attitude are honestly contagious. We have so much fun there every single month.

Saturday afternoon, we ventured from Audi Of Newton to Sussex Sit N Chat Diner on Route 23 right across from Franklin Sussex Auto Mall. Eric let me in the kitchen for a photo opportunity, while also allowing me to safely stay out of the kitchen. They did a great job with their setup, bounce house, pony rides, face painting and more. We were there for one hour, that was definitely action packed! While looking at the pony, I hate to admit that I amused myself by putting up his picture on Instagram with the hashtag "#WhyTheLongFace," and then played "Old Town Road."

Saturday night time to go to Warwick. It was our dear besty Sally's surprise birthday party. Meg and I left early to try and beat traffic, which completely backfired because we were right in the middle of the firefighter's parade. Apparently their biggest one ever. We knew all about it happening, but didn't think it would go on quite that long. Very impressive parade from what we saw at the end of it. Meg and I had a mission once we parked, and that was to go to Baird's Tavern. We haven't been there in a year or two, but absolutely love the Speak Easy vibe that this place has. I did a Pilsner that was really a Lager, and Meg ordered their stout. Their stout is one of the best stouts you'll ever have. My lager was just eh, but the stout is phenomenal.

After that, we were able to go to Grappa for Sally's Birthday. Our friend Douglioso (Sally's husband,) threw an amazing surprise birthday party for her. He even gave great speeches to top it off. We were wondering if Sally was going to be surprised or not. When the time came, you hear Sally walking in asking "that's odd why is there a wall here?" Then when she saw the 30+ of her friends cheering for her when she walked in it was a magical moment. She was stunned and so pleasantly surprised. I cried immediately. Douglioso even brought her Dad up from West Virginia for the occasion. Wonderful night with so many of our amazing friends. I actually didn't take many pictures of this one, I just wanted to take it all in. Fortunately our other friends took so many amazing, gorgeous pictures of the event.

Sunday morning back to work! We had a live remote broadcast at Blackburn Growers on 565 in Wantage. This was a HUGE success. Greg Blackburn and his team put on a great event with free food. They know how to throw a customer appreciation party, that's for sure! It was the first time in my live I have ever done my radio show from a Mum Field. Yes, a Mum Field. It was like looking at a rainbow on steroids, they had over 30 different colored Mums. Unbelievable. When that's your office view, you know it will be a great day. I had so much fun seeing old friends and making new ones too. I'm also grateful for everyone who came over to congratulate me on mine and Awesome Girlfriend Megan's engagement!

Sunday I was able to fly from Blackburn Growers straight to The Cottage for football Sunday. Shortly after arriving, I learned the Patriots were on regular TV afterall. Ah well. It was great to watch the Patriots game with Meg and my Pats fan buddy Lou. Then more and more of our regular friends start showing up. Then I ended up running into and having a beer with my dear friends Jill and Parker Space. We had so much fun catching up on local events, and just life in general. GREAT times.

Sunday night I was able to have a happy hour beer at Kite's with my besties, Brad, Steve, and JG. I didn't stay for too long because I wanted to be home to see Meg's Cowboys on TV. I fell asleep early on, but Meg insists I should be happy that I did because of their performance.

I'll be going to bed early tonight! Overall we had an absolutely amazing ACTION PACKED Epic Weekend. I hope your weekend was wonderful too. Time to start planning next weekend!

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