My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Our Family's Annual St. Patrick's Day Party

Breaking news: Tom Brady apparently announcing on Instagram that he's leaving my Patriots!!!!!!!!!! I still hope they can fix issues and agree to new terms!!!!

This weekend was definitely Epic! We still held our annual Saint Patrick's Day party at our Allan Tavern, allowing our close family and friends a chance to have fun. We saw some friends that I haven't seen in several years!

We will start my Epic Weekend Friday night, Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I drove up from Vernon to Mansfield, Massachusetts. You could feel the impact of Coronavirus on our ride up, traffic was definitely lighter on 84 through Hartford than usual. Meg and I were able to make it to The Allan Tavern in Mansfield by 9:15pm, 4 hours door to door is the best we can do without traffic. My parents ordered a large pepperoni pizza for me and Meg, and that was just what the doctor ordered.

Saturday morning I took Meg to Patriots Place Mall at Gillette Stadium. We did a nice lunch where we had a massive restaurant all to ourselves, and I was able to pray to the football gods that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick stay together. Even though my family prepares anywhere from 10-20 pounds of cornbeef for our annual Saint Patrick's Day Party (which they spent years of trial and error perfecting the recipe,) I quite often forget to eat during parties when we're socializing. Meg and I had our strategy of eating some wings and french fries at The Six String Grill in Foxborough before the party, and it worked great. By the time we came home, Padre was raising our "The Bar Is Open," flag.

Saturday afternoon time for my parents annual big party. We had an amazing time with so many friends. We never make much of an invitation process for this, our family and friends know we always do it on a Saturday near Saint Patrick's Day weekend, typically the weekend before it. Padre showed off our new double kegerater, and we had yummy Smithwick's in it. Making Guinness with Smithwick's Blacksmiths was something fun we haven't done in many months. We had such an amazing time with our family and friends. We were so happy to have each other, in good health, and have plenty of laughs along the way.

Saturday night's party was definitely Epic. Some years we get 20-30 people showing up, some years north of 50. I'm betting we were somewhere in the 30-50 range Saturday night. Great times with amazing friends and family.

Sunday morning was more of a slower speed chill morning with the family. It was relaxing to have a Sunday with just Meg, Suzanne, Madre and Padre. I took us out to lunch at a nearby sports pub where we all had fantastic meals.

Sunday evening JDawg came over to hang out with us for some fun. We had another terrific time, that's for sure.

Monday, our sad farewell day. We went out to lunch together at Longhorn Steakhouse in Mansfield for our farewell lunch. We always dread these. Madre and I both cry every single time we say goodbye to each other and I'm going back to Jersey, apparently we have had this tradition for 6 years. This was one of the quieter rides back from Boston to Jersey that Meg and I have ever had. As I was driving, Meg was being my copilot updating me on the increasing closures.

We are so crushed for our many dear friends in the service industry. We PRAY this is not going to be happening for very long at all. I feel that this is going to hurt those who can afford this the least. We're thinking of our local restaurant owner friends, bartenders, busboys, waiters, waitresses, and so many more. I hope you do take out dining and delivery from local restaurants as much as possible in the next few weeks. The thought of so many people now being temporarily unemployed or underemployed makes me so sick to my stomach.

We'll be doing whatever we can do to keep supporting local!

Overall, Meg and I had a memorable weekend. I hope yours was good and healthy. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Unless some major change happens, you'll be seeing me crying about Tom Brady saying he's leaving the New England Patriots for quite some time.

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