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My Epic Mother's Day Weekend In Pictures: A Bear, And Cupcake Fails

Well this Mother's Day weekend was definitely Epic on many levels. I was able to get Awesome Girlfriend Megan on Campus in Vernon this weekend and tried to make every moment I had with her count. I was missing my family back in Boston too, and was so thankful to Facetime with them. Awesome Girlfriend Megan made me watch two chick flicks, we enjoyed my yummy world famous burgers from my grill, and I started an apparent war on roses. Long story. I'll get into that one soon.

Friday night, Meg had me watch a movie called The "Book Club," which was released in 2018. The movie shows 4 bestie chick friends north of 60, who all started reading The 50 Shades Of Grey books together. This seemingly rejuvenated their interests. It ended up being a hilarious movie, that finds you rooting for the happiness of each character. I highly recommend the Book Club movie. We enjoyed that with the yummy buffalo chicken pizza from the Cottage. Thursday night I got buffalo wings, then Meg watched my Instagram story, got hungry, blamed me and requested a Buffalo Chicken pizza Friday night. I told her we could get it Saturday afternoon, she then insisted that Friday night would be better because she wanted it now. LOL. Happy wife, happy life, right?

Saturday morning Meg and I successfully ran a few errands and I restocked up my Tito's supply, and got another box of vodka. Boxes of booze are terrific for entertaining. Easy clean up, and less potential glass for guests to break. I'll take that victory every single time!

Saturday afternoon Meg and I were able to hop on our Irish Cottage Inn virtual happy hour at 4. Meg and I were so happy to see some of our friends. We miss them dearly. Virtual happy hours aren't the same as being in the bar together, but it's still much better than nothing.

Saturday afternoon I ended up getting Meg flowers, and it turned to be rather epic.

Saturday afternoon while Meg was tidying up my place getting ready to bake cupcakes. I told Meg I was going to run to Dollar General and pick up a couple bags of ice for the box of vodka. I went to Dollar General and they didn't have any Gatorade Zero. They had Gatorade, but not Gatorade Zero. I got some nice paper plates and one regular Gatorade. Unsatisfied, I then went on an impromptu mission. I went to Acme in Vernon seeking both Gatorade Zero, and flowers for Meg. Getting a couple Gatorade Zeroes were much easier at Acme, I should have just started my mission there in the first place. I then stumbled on a bouquet for Meg that I LOVED. It had Meg's favorite yellow colored roses, and it had some beautiful red and pink flowers surrounding it. It was only $10! I figured $10 on Mother's Day Weekend? This seems too good to be true. It was. I pulled out the flowers so excitedly, only to learn that they were a "mini bouquet of flowers." They look like normal flowers at first, but then when you pull them out you see the stems are only half of what normal length would be.

I'm not good at many things, but I am pretty good about picking pretty flowers for the important women in my world. In Boston, the florist at my local Stop & Shop knew me by name and would guess "okay, these flowers must be for Madre, these for Grammy, and these for your sister, right?" There are times when I find flowers at a store that I don't like, so instead of getting Meg flowers I get nothing instead because they're not the perfect fit I have in my mind. That being said, what good does a bouquet of mini flowers do???? Girls don't have mini vases! If I were to get the mini bouquet of flowers, it would look beyond stupid in the vase only making it halfway up, right? Sorry. There you have it with my new war on roses we will call it.

I ended up getting Meg a decent bouquet of NORMAL length yellow roses that had a nice purple surrounding which gave it great balance. By the time I got home Meg said "Okay honey how were you just gone for 45 minutes when I thought you were just going to the dollar store down the street?" I then told her about my new war on roses, she hugged me and said "you're special." Well yes I am, darnit!

Saturday night we had a BEAR encounter. Unfortunately one of my neighbors didn't lock the dumpster. It was always eye opening to see the BEAR walk by my deck and be so majestic. I love seeing the bear, but am hopeful my neighbors will keep locking the dumpster.

Saturday night after our Cottage virtual happy hour on Zoom, Meg and I grilled some of our world famous burgers. They came out terrific. Success.

I then watched my next chick flick, Bridesmaids. That movie is also hilarious. I can now say that I highly recommend Bridesmaids.

Sunday morning I made mimosas and put out chocolates for Meg. I tried to give her as decent a Mother's Day as possible, knowing she had to leave my place by 11:30. We had Meg leave earlier, so I could have her help me get flowers for everyone. The past 5 years, I have gone out and dropped off flowers to two of my single mom best friends Carrie and Ty. I then grew my list to include Meg's Awesome Daughters, and a couple other of our great friends. The more people we can make smile, the better, right?

Sunday afternoon after I made the flower deliveries, I had a terrific filet mignon from The Cottage. Steve Andrews is making fun of me because I got Meg flowers, but spent more $ on myself on Mother's Day. Ya can't win em all, right? LOL.

Overall we had a wonderful weekend. I hope you had a terrific weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!

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