My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Lots Of Mums, Football, + New Underwear!

We enjoyed some fun times this weekend in Vernon, Franklin, Wantage and beyond. Even though it was technically our last summer weekend, it definitely felt much more like a classic fall weekend in Sussex County. First I want to shout out poor Saquon Barkley and all my Giant fan friends. So sorry to hear he was carted off the field with a possible ACL injury. Saquon is so fun to watch on the field, and always seems to be such a great person off the field too. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

We will start our Epic Weekend In Pictures with Friday.

Friday afternoon I was able to get out of work a few minutes earlier than usual, and was able to venture down 23 in Franklin to The Cottage for Happy Hour. It's so wonderful to be able to see friends in person. My friend Jack looked at me and said "Steve, I have one question for you. Were you ever able to get that cat?" LOL. Jack was asking about my cute kitten Pet Of The Week Hash Brown, who was being an adorable little kitten running around all over our radio station and I was having quite the struggle catching him. I did finally catch him right before we went on the air fortunately. It was my first time having to catch and wrangle in one of my kittens in quite some time, and I'm sure made for an amusing FB live video.

Friday night I was able to then venture over to Tiki Bar at Kite's. I was able to see my dear friend Steve and also Joe, who I haven't seen in person in probably months. Great times for sure, but it was FREEZING. By the time my besties Jasen and Brendan showed up I may have been borderline shivering. Then I got called into action at work with a technical glitch, that I was fortunately able to fix on my laptop at home. Automation is great, until it stops working and we need people to fix it, right?

Saturday morning it was time to run some errands. I hit Weis Market, Shop Rite and Walmart, as I nickname it The Franklin Trifecta. I was successful in getting good flowers for Awesome Girlfriend Megan, so that was one huge victory. Then while I was out, it made sense to stock up or rather restock on somethings. This is typical guy behavior, we realize it's time to buy some new underwear either when we start a new relationship, or our underwear starts breaking on us. Fortunately I've been with Awesome Girlfriend Megan for four wonderful years. I think it was midweek when I noticed an elastic breaking, despite me losing a couple pounds over the past year. That's when the light bulb moment happened that maybe it was perhaps time for me to buy a few more pairs and throw out some of my older pairs. When I made the joke about asking if I wear the new Hanes boxer briefs that my abs would turn into rock hard just like the underwear model, this received more positive feedback / laughter than any of my other pictures all weekend. LOL. This is a reminder that I won't be an underwear model as a career anytime soon.

Saturday morning was definitely a productive one. I bought new underwear, flowers for Awesome Girlfriend Megan, and some groceries during my Franklin Trifecta. Next up a task I've been procrastinating for a couple of months.

Wherever I go, I always bring my old Nike gym bag with me. It usually has some bare necessities in it, such as phone charger, change of clothes, nail clippers, and other various items. Over ten to twelve years ago we nicknamed it my Bachelor Bag, because I could just bring that with me to work, and then crash at any of my friends house with minimal notice if they were having a last minute cookout or anything else. Hmmm, maybe it's time for me to get a new duffle bag if I've had it this long. That might be a job for my next Epic Weekend.

A couple months ago a bottle of Vitamin D pills apparently accidentally opened up in my bag, resulting in tons and tons of Vitamin D pills being all over my Bachelor bag. It wasn't the most Epic chore to clean it out, but just an annoying job I've been procrastinating on. I took ever single item out of my bachelor bag for the first time in probably many years just to make sure I took out every single Vitamin D pill. At this point you're probably asking yourself per usual "How lucky is Awesome Girlfriend Megan?"

Saturday afternoon off to a fun work event at J&G Farms Blackburn Growers & Amish Sheds. It was a gorgeous feeling like Fall afternoon there. Greg Blackburn gave me a tour of the beautiful area. We did a terrific customer appreciation party with them one year ago this month. They're now doing a customer appreciation sale and I was totally happy surrounding myself with sheds that resembled houses, and 20,000 mums. Seriously. 20,000 mums. While we had Facebook challenges at first, I think FB had an outage, we still had so much fun.

I was able to then venture over to The Cottage and take Awesome Girlfriend Megan, future stepdaughters Hailey and Amanda out to lunch. The girls had a blast. They had lunch and two deserts (at that age, you can. At our age, we certainly can't, lol.)

Saturday night we were able to celebrate with our besties Spooner, Jasen, Brendan, and Natalee over Spooner recently passing his CPA. He'll be our accountant for life now. LOL. We brought over a bottle of Korbel champagne (classy, right?) to celebrate with him. Well, one for him and one for all of us. We enjoyed the gorgeous sunset as it got colder. I swear this time of year, especially this weekend, every 5 minutes as the sun goes down, the weather gets colder by 5 degrees at least. Still so much fun though.

Sunday I was able to hang with my Patriot fan friends Lou and Walt. It was my first time seeing them in many months, maybe since January? Great to just hang with them watching Tom Brady do well for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was wonderful to watch football with them, and even better to catch up on everything and simply hang out.

The day definitely took a downer when our friend Artie showed up and announced to us that Giants star Saquon Barkley had just been carted off the field. Everyone was a little bit somber after that during our football Sunday fun. That being said, it was still such a fun, great atmosphere seeing so many football jerseys representing so many teams, people cheering and giving off great energy.

Sunday afternoon I tried to take an Epic nap during the 4pm games. I was very happy to see Awesome Girlfriend Megan's Dallas Cowboys pull off that miracle win. Hopefully that will be a catalyst for them. When Dallas wins, fiercely competitive Awesome Girlfriend Megan sends me fewer angry texts regarding the game. Happy Wife, Happy Life!

Monday morning I GET to fill in for Steve Andrews on our 102.3 WSUS. After a late night Patriots loss, this isn't exactly ideal but all good. In radio, we always do our best to power through anything and everything. The show must go on as we say. The Patriots did as well as they could, Seattle has a very good team. I think I went to bed between 11:30 and Midnight. As Bill Belichick would say, we are onto next week. This is very true for me, as I just got CRUSHED in both of my Fantasy Football Leagues. CRUSHED. LOL. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!