My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Cam Gets Covid UGH

My Epic Weekend In Pictures had some local fun, and some down time. My off weekends without Awesome Girlfriend Megan are tough, fortunately I am usually surrounded by amazing friends to help me along the way. My weekend travels only took me to Franklin, Vernon and Sparta, but we still had plenty of fun along the way. This Epic Weekend In Pictures will be a little briefer due to some Monday morning computer challenges. Don't ya just love Mondays? LOL.

My Epic Weekend In Pictures started Friday night at Happy Hour on my way home from work. I just went right up 23 to hit The Cottage in Franklin. I was craving their buffalo chicken pizza and it was a success. Also major success, I didn't spill any buffalo chicken bits / sauce on my brand new white Under Armour hooded sweatshirt. I had fun with friends, even though it was such a surreal night. Friday afternoon as I was leaving our radio stations I saw the news that President Trump was getting transported to a nearby hospital. We watched the marine helicopter take him live on television. Just another surreal scene that we have seen this year.

Right away one of my comedy gold moments was when my sneakers matched my dear friend Artie's right on the money. He disagreed, but I think we were definitely twinning!

By Friday night after The Cottage, I ended up on my couch, watching World Wrestling Entertainment's Smackdown. It was just simply time to turn my brain off and relax after a long week in radio where I saw some of my friends and Team members lose their gigs through no fault of their own.

Saturday morning time to get some errands done. I was able to drop off a golf club bag to the owner of Mac & Lindy's in Vernon that he won last week at our NNJ Farmstead Golf Outing, powered by Corona Premier. While I was there my main goal was to make it to the post office to finally restart my mail service. Basically, long story short, I forget to check my mailbox. I pay my bills online. I even put in a Calendar Reminder in my iPhone to check my mailbox every Monday at 5:45pm. I still forget. I forget to check my mail after two weeks, then the mailman stops delivering my mail to me and puts me as a transferred resident. Probably once a year I go to get my mail service restarted. I tried Saturday morning, but the line was 4 people deep and I quickly lost my motivation.

Saturday afternoon I was able to meet up with Awesome Girlfriend Megan for lunch. We had a lovely time and were able to see some of our dear friends. It was a little chilly, but we had plenty of fun. It is definitely a very positive break in my off weekend when Meg and I are able to meet up and see each other, that's for sure!

Then it was time to attend our next Epic adventure - the new biergarten at Crystal Springs! It was so much fun getting to enjoy an Oktoberfest Stein of beer with besties Jasen, Brendan, Chris, Christine, and Carrie. The weather and views were absolutely gorgeous. They did a great job with everything. Everyone loved their meals, and we had a great time despite the slightly chilly weather. Autumn in Sussex County, New Jersey is definitely my favorite season. We enjoyed the absolutely fantastic sunset overlooking Wild Turkey golf course.

Saturday morning on my way to see Meg I got the breaking news alert about Cam Newton testing positive for Covid. My thoughts, wishes and prayers are out to him for sure. It was a surreal conversation with both of my fantasy football leagues as we were trying to troubleshoot everyone's lineups amidst the unprecedented uncertainty.

It'll be odd watching my Patriots tonight instead of yesterday afternoon as planned. Now we'll try to beat Kansas City with veteran backup quarterback Brian Hoyer. Like they say in football, next man up, right?

Sunday I watched the Dallas Cowboys vs Cleveland Browns 1pm game to support Awesome Girlfriend Megan. Me being a diehard Patriots fan, Meg being a diehard Cowboys fan, we figure to be the most hated couple in New Jersey. LOL.

Unfortunately Meg's Cowboys lost. At the same exact time, Tom Brady was lighting it up for his new team The Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Why did I want football to come back so bad again? LOL. The misery was all over.

Looks like in my fantasy football teams I won one game and lost badly in my other one. Why? Because Dak Prescott, despite losing for The Dallas Cowboys, put up monster fantasy football numbers against my Radioboyz football Team. Not a good football Sunday for me!

Overall, we had a wonderful weekend with friends. I had a great time enjoying some beautiful sights in Sussex County. I love living here so much and realize how lucky I am.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend, where I might get forced to carve a pumpkin which would completely gross me out. #WhatCanPossiblyGoWrong