My Epic Halloween Weekend In Pictures

Weekends where I don't have Awesome Girlfriend Megan are always tough, but fortunately I'm blessed to have so many wonderful friends who help me still have fun and laugh during our every other weekends. My Epic Weekend In Pictures involved the largest steak I have ever ordered for myself, The Halloween Howl at Minerals outdoor pavilion, and a sad football Sunday funday.

We will start with Friday night. Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I wanted to try to meet up for a happy hour drink at Mohawk House in Sparta. Mohawk House in Sparta is one of our favorite places, and it's also where I took Meg on our very first date over four years ago. Sentimental value plus always an amazing ambiance with fantastic food, wins all across the board. Our goal was to just have one happy hour drink and get to see each other along with future stepdaughter Amanda. Meg was going to future stepdaughter Cait's for Friday night dinner after Mohawk House. Wouldn't you know it, we run into our friend Steve who owns Mohawk House. He's always been a friend to me, our radio station, and a diehard supporter for my Adopt A Pet Of The Week feature. Before you know it, we start sampling flatbread pizzas. I feel like I need to order something. I couldn't order a cheese flatbread pizza after we just sampled two other flatbread pizzas. The waiter Josh announced that they had a special on their Tomahawk steaks. I have never had a Tomahawk steak in my life before, so I was very intrigued.

They brought out the sizzling steak with the bone, and I was quickly overmatched and overwhelmed. I apparently bought the Tomahawk steak for two, apparently there's no "for one," option I'm learning from my friends. It was delicious and intense. Juicy and tasty for sure. I had to bring probably half of it home to go. Since Tomahawk steaks are so massive and worth such good money, I actually googled "what is the best way to reheat a tomahawk steak medium rare." Believe it or not, they recommended using a microwave, and a damp paper towel on top so that meat doesn't lose any of its juices. I was pleasantly stunned that they recommended using a microwave. The key is to use the paper towel, and only reheat it in 30 second intervals (I did 40 because my microwave is tiny,) and then you don't have to worry about risking overcooking the steak. Many good lessons learned this weekend. One of those lessons is maybe find out that the steak is for two instead of for one when you're going to be the only one wolfing it down. I had fun playing with the bone annoying Awesome Girlfriend Megan, since I'm not allowed any more to order bone in buffalo wings with her because I'm way too messy "and eat like a 12 year old." Just because of that one time at The Cottage a few months ago where it looked like I had a Cheetos goatee. Some things are just tough to figure!

Quite often with Epic Weekends In Pictures you have to be able to adjust on the fly. Earlier in the week I had Saturday morning golf plans with my radio bestie Nate. The 2-3 inches of rain and snow we got on Friday changed that plan. Plus it was going to be only 35 degrees out. I'm bad enough at golf when the weather is beautiful, so I don't feel the need to torture myself and be freezing my @$$ off. Saturday morning instead I successfully went grocery shopping, then had a beer with some of my buddies at The Cottage on my way home from the grocery store. They were all cracking up about how I lost the battle in the Steve Vs Tomahawk Steak bout.

Then I was able to go home and get ready for The Halloween Howl at Minerals outdoor pavilion. I debuted my BEAR mask for my first time ever. My parents and sister ordered my BEAR mask a few months ago to help me try to be one with the Bears. After nearly 7 years here, this was my massive attempt to be one with the bears. I wore my bear shirt and hat from besties Sally and Douglioso, and my Bear mask from my family. It was 30 degrees out so why not party outdoors for Halloween?

They did a fantastic job with the setup, decorations and food at The Halloween Howl. I usually don't do a four course meal because I'm such a picky eater and don't like the options usually. In this case each course had something even I liked. I'm not going to lie, my strategy was to only eat one bite of each meal course one two and three. Why? I tend to not eat at night, and I didn't want to miss out on the ribeye steak! Yes, even more steak for me. Steak might as well be the theme for my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Bacardi and White Claw did such a fantastic job with everything. Even though our hands were freezing, we still had fun.

Sunday was a low key football Sunday. I could have gone out to watch my Patriots but I just wanted to be home alone relaxing. Not that I ever relax while watching my Patriots, since I'm screaming at my television for 4 straight hours. I'm proud of the Patriots effort. Our tackling was atrocious. Cam Newton did all he could, even though he messed up not securing the ball when we needed it the most. Overall the team at least had more fight in them than they did the previous week. Now to increase my pain I'll watch Tom Brady tonight likely put on a clinic against the New York Giants with all of the weapons he has in Tampa.

If you play fantasy football, and your team went against Vikings Dalvin Cook, you're likely sad like I am. He pulled an Al Bundy from Married With Children and scored FOUR touchdowns against me, that's almost unheard of in football. Ugh.

After my Patriots had our heartbreaking loss, I got a text from besties Jasen and Brendan. They were coming back home early, meaning I didn't have to worry about taking my nephew Spot out for a walk in the rain. This made me happy because Spot doesn't like to go out in the rain.

One of my weekend highlights was when my dear friend Kent texted me to let me know that Smokey, my current Pet Of The Week has been adopted already. Smokey had been in a shelter in Virginia for two long years, and he's only three years old. I'm so happy we were able to help him get his new Furever Family in such a short time. Talk about one of the many rewarding parts of my radio career.

Overall, we had a wonderful weekend. I hope you had a terrific weekend too. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!