My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Bring On The Food

It wasn't my most traveled Epic Weekend In Pictures, but we still made many fun memories. Weekends without Awesome Girlfriend Megan are always tough, but fortunately I'm so lucky to have my amazing friends help me along the way. Friday night I had a wonderful time with some of my besties at Kite's. We were at a high top table where they used to have a dance floor during normal times. Me, JG, Jasen, Brendan and Carrie all shared many laughs.

Last Wednesday morning, I found myself suddenly limping out of bed without any warning. I somehow pulled a muscle in my Caboose again! For some strange reason, my Caboose was sore and my left ring finger was extremely swollen. While talking to my friends about it, trying to piece things together, it appears I may have been sleepwalking and fallen. I remember sleepwalking when I was kid, didn't think that I still had an issue with it. I know I don't when Awesome Girlfriend Megan is over, because she would alert me / help me / wake me up. Wednesday morning I called up my friends at Trinity Rehab in Sparta for an urgency appointment. Jen went right to work on me. She couldn't believe the amount of damage I apparently did to myself in just one night. She was stretching me out for many minutes trying to help the pain in my Caboose. You just can't even make up the comedy gold that I pulled a muscle in my Caboose again. Jen gave me Electric Stimulators that we put, you guessed it, right on my Caboose. I was literally limping on my way into Trinity Rehab in Sparta. After the work they did with me, I wasn't limping anymore and increased my mobility by 75%. Huge improvement over when I woke up earlier that day.

With that Epic start to my Weekend, I knew it was best for me to try to be as low key as possible. Each day further removed from last Wednesday morning I'm feeling a little bit better.

Saturday was basically a successful errand day, laundry etc. My besties Jasen and Brendan wanted to cook a spiral ham just because, and they didn't have to twist my arm with that invite at all. I love a great spiral ham. Partner that up with asparagus, and Steve is a happy guy! Between that and enjoying playoff football all weekend, I was happy with that.

What to entertain myself while I'm waiting for spiral ham at night? I wolfed down some Buffalo Chicken Pizza (without blue cheese,) from The Cottage in Franklin. Yummy times for sure.

One of my favorite events all weekend? Mountain Creek turned on the snow guns by me! The snow guns were running nonstop on Granite Peak all weekend. Snow guns are one of my favorite things, EVER. I always joke with Awesome Girlfriend Megan that when we hit the lottery, I want to buy snow guns. Sleeping to them is like sleeping to the biggest white noisemakers, ever. I always get a kick when we wake up to snow on our cars, despite it not even snowing outside while we were sleeping.

Truth be told, I don't know anything. I joked with Meg saying "yeah the Cleveland Browns are playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers without their Head Coach due to Covid, they have no shot I'm not even going to watch." Well, that's why they play the games. I went to bed right before the game, and woke up in the middle of the night to see an alert that they pulled off a major upset. I'm happy for them, and our dear friend Buckeye Paul, who grew up in Ohio.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend!