My Epic Weekend In Pictures: A Neti Pot?

This Epic Weekend In Pictures may not have been my most epic, but we still had fun all along the way. It was another one of those other weekends, so I didn't get to see Awesome Girlfriend Megan. Fortunately I'm blessed with so many wonderful friends who can help make me smile when I don't get to see her. We'll start my Epic Weekend with Thursday.

Thursday night I swung by The Cottage in Franklin, and ran into some of my terrific friends. Artie, Scott and I were having fun while Damian showed us some new whiskeys he has acquired. Naturally, Artie and I were intrigued especially by the single malt. Artie bought us a round and we enjoyed how smooth it was. I definitely recommend the single malt from Glendalough Distillery. Great way to start off the weekend for sure!

Friday night we kept it local on Campus. I had a great Friday night with my terrific friends, JG, Brad and Steve. I got there 15 minutes early to make sure we got a good high top table on the former dance floor. Success. While I was waiting for them to arrive, Steve texted me a wonderful picture. His daughter Tori and her boyfriend Kyle got engaged. It's pretty awesome when your friend can celebrate his kids getting engaged, and they're also friends of yours too. We are so happy for them.

Friday night with JG, Brad and Steve, it was just like one of our Happy Hour Sundays which we will hopefully bring back someday soon. Just a few best friends, busting on each other and laughing all night. I always say it's the way life should be.

Saturday morning time for fun errands. Step one was dropping off my laundry for wash and fold on Route 94 in Hardyston. Our washer and dryers are so small on Campus, it's just so much quicker and easier to just drop it off. I'll do towel loads at my place every other weekend, but other than that, I'll gladly pay the $15 or so every two weeks give or take. Done deal for me!

I then felt the mood to take a quick trip across lines into New York state. I went to Brown Barn Farm and enjoyed an Orange County Distillery single malt whiskey on the rocks. I enjoyed it greatly. Truth be told, I was going to return to the table by the wood stove like a few weekends ago. There was a table nearby where there where loud kids. I went upstairs to hide and get away from everyone and relax.

Saturday later afternoon, time to meet up with my bestie Shawn Stinnett for a beer at Mohawk House. Once we met up, Shawn and I ran into our friend Jean Abate. She was smiling ear to ear after just learning the news that she is going to be a grandmother. We are so happy for Jean and her family.

Shawn and I were so psyched, once we sat down at our table we were greeted by bartender superstar waitress Paige. Paige has always been one of my favorites. She gives us terrific beer recommendations, we would be lost without her on that front. We also have another connection. I introduced myself to her years ago saying "hey Paige, this might sound weird, but I kinda already know you. Your boyfriend Justin does ALL of the piercings on my (then girlfriend now fiance,) Awesome Girlfriend Megan's daughters."

She looked at me and nodded saying, "Okay, I totally understand what you're talking about, that's awesome!" LOL.

Shawn and I had a delicious IPA, and flatbread cheese pizza. Success. Mohawk House will always be one of my favorite places in Sussex County, especially because that's where I took Meg on our first date almost five years ago.

Saturday night was a great stay in chill night with besties Jasen, Brendan and Lisa. We had a wonderful time catching up with each other. The boys then reminded me that it was Ally Cat's 1st birthday. They even gave her a little makeshift cake. We had fun celebrating Ally Cat's birthday, even if she likely couldn't have cared less, lol.

Sunday morning I slept later because it was one of those times where I woke up wide awake at 5am and couldn't get back to sleep for a few hours. By the time I was able to finally roll out of bed, I was beyond excited to see that Paramount Network started doing Bar Rescue marathons with Jon Taffer again. Bar Rescue is absolutely one of my favorite shows and has been for many years.

I have always said ironically what Jon Taffer does is similar to what radio Program Directors (my career,) do. Jon Taffer learns about the market he's going to, then uses his art of coaching and science of his research to help save bars. This is similar to what radio Program Directors do, 100%. I even have a meme printed up of Jon Taffer saying "I don't embrace excuses, I embrace solutions."

Sunday afternoon, I told Meg I just needed to get out for some fresh air. I wound up running into several friends at The Cottage in Franklin. To make things even better, PGA golf was on television. I never enjoyed watching golf growing up, but over the past several years so many of our good friends are diehard golf fans and teach us about the game. We had so many laughs with Buckeye Paul, Ed, Packer Fan Patrick, Marky, Patriot Fan Friends Colby and Paul.

One thing led to another, and Colby randomly asked me how tall I was. I told her I'm short, 5'8. Colby said "no way, I'm 5'8 too, we need to measure, take your shoes off, stand back to back." Isn't it always the fun story when you and your friends stand back to back so everyone can say who's taller than the other one? After the very scientific measuring system that Damian used, putting a plastic Irish Cottage Inn menu on top of our heads, it was ruled that I'm a half inch to inch taller than her. Colby agreed that it really means she's 5'8, and I'm now 5'9. Hey, I actually grew instead of shrunk as I got older!

Sunday night I did something that doctors have been recommending to me. Sorry for the TMI. I've always had a problem with post nasal drippage. I attempted to use a Neti Pot for my first time ever. Unfortunately it didn't seem to help me. I'll keep trying. Last night my throat was on fire and I couldn't eat anything at all. Unfortunately today there isn't any improvement. I woke up last night at midnight starving but couldn't eat. I just got more over the counter nasal spray hopefully that helps soon.

If that's the biggest problem we have, we are lucky.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. I hope you had a wonderful weekend too. Time to start planning next weekend, where I'm taking Meg up to Boston to see my family!!!! LET'S GO!!!