My Epic Weekend In Pictures: SO Happy To Leave My Place!

This may have not been the most Epic of my Weekend In Pictures history, but it was still wonderful. This was the 1st weekend where I was over 16 days past testing Positive for Covid19, and a few days after I was able to test Negative. I'm so grateful to have never had symptoms when so many haven't been as lucky. I'm also grateful that I have tested Negative, because even though there were never any symptoms and the numbers were going in my favor with each passing day, it's a mind-bleep when you have something in you that has been fatal for so many worldwide.

Friday night I met up with Awesome Girlfriend Megan at The Irish Cottage Inn in Franklin. It had been our first time there together since Easter. We enjoyed a quick beverage there while getting to run into our friends Packer Fan Patrick, Artie and Margie for the first time in quite some time. In just that short time frame window, each of them made me and Meg laugh so hard. We are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends. We then went from there to Campus and see our besties Jasen and Brendan. They're both hilarious and had Meg and I cracking up all night. One thing led to another, and we ended up playing Jenga. Yes, Jenga. I probably haven't played Jenga since I was in my early teens. On an uneven outdoor patio table we moved inside, it was quite entertaining. The "strategies," each one of us tried and failed at. We had great amusement with Jenga. I recommend bringing it back into your life once in awhile. It can possibly be more fun than you remembered having while being a kid.

When we got home, I just looked over at Meg and said "how great did it feel to laugh with our friends in person again?"

Saturday morning I was nervous about using my vacuum after what happened last time where it blew my fuse and I lost power in my living room. I felt a little better knowing I had Meg nearby to help me troubleshoot. I used a different outlet on the other side of my living room and it worked out great. It was my first time vacuuming in years, I had fun with it. With this Bissel it has several different gears basically, high and low, similar to a lawn mower setting. I had it on high thinking that would be good, but Meg showed me how it was like a lawn mower setting, lower is better for what I needed. Success!

Then both Meg and I successfully got our haircuts on my deck. Major success. I have been miserable with my extremely long, thick, curly hair the past few weeks. I think my last haircut was late February, and normally I get mine cut every 3 weeks like clock work. My family genetics have thick hair that grows pretty fast. Definitely no history of baldness in my family on either side. The negative is we tend to have tough history with cardiac stuff, cancer, etc. Of course the most useless genetic I can get is the strongest, LOL. I think my haircut took longer than Meg's, it was that bad.

I originally had plans to take Meg to multiple places outdoors because Saturday was so gorgeous here in Jersey. Before the Epic haircuts, the future Stepdaughters reached out and said they wanted to see us for lunch at The Cottage. With my haircut taking longer than anticipated because of its Epic length, we went straight from my deck to The Cottage. It was great to be able to take Meg and the kids out to lunch for the first time since Easter. Feels like it's been a month, and as I'm looking over at my office wall calendar I just counted, it had been 4 weeks.

Saturday afternoon Meg and I retreated to my couch. I offered for her to spend outside on my deck, she looked at me and said "yeah but it's probably cold by now." She was right. My bottom level deck only gets sunshine in the morning, then by Noon it's all shade basically. Even though it was beautiful out, we were happy to start relaxing on my couch. What to watch what to watch on a Saturday April afternoon? For us, it was golf. Years ago we weren't that into watching it, but now that we have so many friends who are both diehard golf fans and players, Meg and I have more fun watching it. Then the round of golf became much more interesting when we saw alligators so close to the golfers not just once, but twice! I couldn't believe it. That one picture I took where the golfer is only a few feet away from the gator, and the gator seemingly didn't really care? It just kept reminding me of all the BEARS around me here in Vernon, NJ.

Golf amused us. Great, now it's Saturday night. Meg and I have no interest in leaving our couch with my fireplace on keeping us warm plus more importantly giving a soothing ambiance. Scanning through the guide, I saw that the Brad Pitt movie Moneyball was on. Talk about perfect timing given us usual big roles during the Oscar's, right? We joined it an hour in progress, but during commercial breaks I was able to bring Meg up to speed on it. Meg isn't a baseball fan, but I explained to her how it goes far beyond baseball. She ended up enjoying it. Meg also enjoyed the great job of how they would add in the real scenes of what actually did happen and correlate perfectly with the movie. Success.

Next up on deck, Bridesmaids. I had never seen it until Meg, Jasen and Brendan made me watch it with them recently. What a funny movie. A few months ago, I wouldn't have predicted that I would be recommending the movie Bridesmaids, but it was terrific. We need more laughter in our lives, right?

Then we capped it off with the Ryan Reynolds movie The Proposal with Sandra Bullock (one of Awesome Girlfriend Megan's absolute favorites btw,) and it was fantastic. Meg had seen it before, but I never did. That Proposal movie was also hilarious.

While watching Ryan Reynolds in action, I was reminded of the time I met him at my radio station in Boston probably 12-14 years ago. I've been so lucky in my radio career these past 18 years (wow I'm getting OLD,) to meet so many interesting people. I figured why not put up a fun Throwback picture with Ryan Reynolds? Yes, that sweater was thrown out weeks later when I saw that it made me look like I had manboobs. There you are with one of America's biggest heartthrobs, and it looks like you're rocking manboobs. #ThatMomentWhen

Sunday morning I had Meg watch NFL Network Draft TV shows. We both learned so much about both recent and older history of the NFL. Even though it's ancient history, it made us both think a little less of Denver Broncos Hall Of Famer John Elway. As a diehard Red Sox fan you won't hear me be sorry for The Yankees often, but in this case he seemed to play them along. Not nice!

After that special, Meg and I had our farewell beer like we always did during normal times. I had another lovely pint of Guiness, and ordered a meat lover's pizza to go. I hadn't had one of those in awhile, and it definitely hit the spot. I then went back home to relax with my feet up. I watched so many NFL Network Draft specials. It was surreal because when they started showing the early to mid Nineties, that's when I started watching them as a teenager. When I was a teenager where people made fun of me saying they would rather watch paint dry. Now, it's turned into a Primetime TV multiple night event ratings draw.

I then switched over to a Bar Rescue marathon. I always LOVE these. I actually saw episodes I hadn't seen before. One episode, Jon Taffer after remodeling the bar, showed that he made drink cocktails to be priced at $6.25. The science behind that is it will hopefully lead to more $1.75 tips for the bartenders. He also showed why he put the chicken wings price at $8.95. He said to the customers when it comes to food, psychologically there's no difference between seeing something priced from $8.50 to $8.95, so always charge things ending with $.95 instead of $.50.

I wasn't a huge fan of school, but I do love learning new fun science things like that.

Overall, we had a wonderful weekend together. My first time getting Meg over to my place in a couple of months. We will take the wins where we can get them! I hope you had a great weekend too. Thank you for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!