My Epic Weekend In Pictures: I Got The J & J Shot!

This Epic Weekend In Pictures started with me getting the Johnson & Johnson Covid Vaccine shot at Rite Aid in Hamburg. I was able to pick the Johnson & Johnson shot, and am very happy I did. When I told folks Thursday night that I chose the J & J one shot, many looked back and winced in fear. With our radio station and my Weekend In Pictures, I have some awesome platforms. I picked the J & J shot because so many are nervous about it after the pause happened. If just one person who reads / watches my Epic Weekend In Pictures feels better about getting the J & J shot, then I think we did a great thing.

Friday afternoon I went to Rite Aid in Hamburg, excited and anxious to get my shot. They asked me to hang out there for 15 minutes after getting the shot to make sure I was okay. I pace a ton normally. After that, I probably wore out the floor in Rite Aid Hamburg. Many tell you to drink tons of water after the shot. I agree. I drink almost a gallon of water everyday anyway, so this wasn't a problem. I'll tell you that even with as much water as I drink, even I still got dehydrated.

Friday night, my work wife Shawn and I were invited to Space Farms. They were having a fundraiser for Parker Space and some of our other dear friends. It was great seeing friends in person that I haven't seen in over a year! We had a great time. It was great to see how many fire stations and firefighters that Hunter Space has been helping over these past few months.

Friday night on my way home I was able to swing by Kite's. I joked with Meg that either my timing would be perfect, seeing JG, Brad and Steve at the end of their Happy Hour, then see Jasen and Brendan after, or my timing would be awful resulting in me being alone at a table on a Friday night. LOL. It was a 50/50 shot.

Fortunately my timing was great, where I got to see all of them, and each one of them at times made me literally LOL. I'm so blessed to have the friends I do.

Saturday morning I had Taylor Ham for my first time in many months. Taylor Ham on scrambled egg, hard roll, with pepper and ketchup. Goodness that sure hit the spot! Although I haven't eaten anything that heavy in awhile, it definitely put me in a food coma. I ate it, enjoyed it, and went back to bed.

Saturday afternoon I went to Middletown, NY for some retail therapy. I might be upgrading some furniture soon if the right deal happens, we will see. I swear every time I go to Middletown, I ask myself "why don't I come here more often? They have every retail option I could possibly want and is just 45 minutes away." I also have always had great luck with all of my retail therapy sessions in Middletown. I'm wearing a watch right now Meg and I stumbled onto at their TJ Maxx over a year ago.

On my way back from Middletown, I didn't turn on my Google Maps. I figured all I needed to do was a right hand turn from the main road back onto 84. Set it and forget it, right? Not so much.

After several minutes on the road, I honestly started to feel out of whack and disoriented. Between that, and them changing all of the exit numbers on 84 in New York state, I was even more out of whack. By the time I put on Google Maps, it gave me one of those "hey dummy, turn off the highway now," warnings. I had no idea where I was for probably 20 minutes. I then was able to turn off 84 successfully. I then end up passing by a "Welcome to Minisink, NY sign." Right when I drove by that sign, I thought to myself "awh, my friends Jennifer and James live out by here." A minute later, coincidentally enough I found myself driving by their house. LOL.

After all that driving adventure, I was craving a Guinness. I definitely created the excuse that the magnesium and iron in Guinness would help my side effects. It's something that I totally made up, but the Guinness was delicious. I ran into friends Packer Fan Patrick and Cowboy fan Glen. We shared some great memories and had many laughs.

By Saturday afternoon, I was ready for bed. The J & J shot had me feeling tired and out of whack, but still good. If being tired and dehydrated is the worst side effects that happen to me, I'll take it!

I watched The Kentucky Derby from my bed. I wanted to see besties Jasen and Brendan Saturday night, tried napping and resting up, but just couldn't do it. I had a quiet Saturday night in, solo.

Sunday morning I was able to meet up with Awesome Girlfriend Megan. We were able to meet up for one of our walks at White Lake Field in Sparta (LOVE it there.) We did a few laps, then went to Mohawk House for a yummy IPA beer after then. Meg treated me. She also gave me a blue Dallas Cowboys Jimmy Johnson shirt that I'll wear in Dallas when we go there someday. I gave her a Dallas Cowboys Dak Prescott jersey for our upcoming anniversary, so she got me the Hall Of Fame Tee Shirt I had been targeting.

Sunday afternoon? Back in bed! It kicked my @$$, but well worth it. I'm feeling better today 2 days removed for sure. At least we can tell that it's appearing to work.

I hope you had a terrific weekend. I hope you're also able to get vaccinated soon. Even though this weekend had me off, it was well worth it. Thank you for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!