My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Rainiest Concert In My Life!

Well this was certainly an Epic Weekend In Pictures that we will never forget. So many wonderful memories in one holiday weekend celebrating America's Birthday. My Epic Weekend actually got off to an Epic start on Tuesday. (I know, of course I find a way to make my Epic Weekends longer, right?) Some are calling it one of the funniest video series of the week. I went to Space Farms Zoo & Museum and with my dear friends Parker and Hunter Space, I fed the bears. They said after living here for 7 years, it's time for me to try to be one with them. Well after feeding them, watch them start stalking me down afterwards! You can see these videos by clicking here.

I had a feeling this Weekend was going to be Epic. We worked it out so my besty Chris Benvie from New England was able to visit me for his first time in a couple of years. It's tough to forget that last year I could never have company visit me, and my jesus did I really miss my family and friends in New England. When we were picking out a few weeks ago which weekend would be best for him to visit me, the decision quickly became pretty easy and obvious. One of our favorite bands, Everclear, was live in concert at Orange County Fair Speedway Friday night. Plus, Everclear was touring with Living Colour, Hoobastank, and Wheatus. We were in all of our glory for this show woohoo. Friday afternoon at 2:15pm, I got the fantastic news. We got into the Meet & Greet with Everclear!!! Everclear's lead singer Art Alexakis has always been one of my favorite people. With hits like "Father Of Mine," he's been a champion of folks who had situations where their Dad wasn't around much. While I found out at 2:15pm that the Meet & Greet was at 4pm, I knew unfortunately Awesome Girlfriend Megan wouldn't be able to make it in time. I called Benvie who was on his way here to see us. He was in Poughkeepsie when I called him thank goodness, and I instructed him to go straight to Orange County Fair Speedway. Getting to surprise my best friend who's had a tough year was one of my favorite gifts, ever. I texted Benvie's wife Kristine after. We've all been best friends since we met at Bridgewater State University over 20 years ago - yes, that realization of how long we've been friends made us feel old this weekend. Kristine texted me back saying "he called me crying happy tears, stop making him cry! LOL." I was so happy for Benvie to meet one of his heroes, Art from Everclear, I cried too. I knew how much it meant to him.

Friday night was our first time at Orange County Fair Speedway, and WOW. What a wonderful place and we had a blast. My besty Benvie was having challenges getting into the Meet & Greet with Everclear. In radio, this stuff happens all the time. All of the sudden, our new friend Tom who runs Orange County Fair Speedway happens to notice him having difficulties. Tom immediately jumped into action and helped him.

Benvie was able to successfully meet Art from Everclear again. Art Alexakis was so sweet when we last met him over ten years ago, and it's great to see that he hasn't changed at all. The bands were all sounding fantastic and top notch. Hoobastank played hits that I honestly forgot they had. Then seeing Living Colour in person wow, they rock it! Wheatus with Teenage Dirtbag were so fun too. You can hear that fun throwback song by clicking here. Then seeing Cult of Personality live in person after hearing the song on the radio my whole life, was such an amazing experience.

Then as the show gets underway, Art from Everclear was by the stage. He was bummed for us that Awesome Girlfriend Megan and I couldn't make the Meet & Greet. He was gracious enough to take a selfie with us for my Epic Weekend In Pictures. In typical Steve fashion, I felt pressured and rushed. Art didn't necessarily want to do a selfie with me because it was a grand prize, and folks spent $200 for this Meet & Greet package. When Art said "sure we can do one but it has to be real quick, I panicked and almost didn't include Awesome Girlfriend Megan because I felt so rushed and panicked." Art then joked saying "hey look at that, he just pushed his fiance out of the way for the selfie!" LOL. It wasn't quite like that. I apologized to Meg immediately after and she cracked up saying to just relax, they were all just busting on me it wasn't like I actually pushed her out of the way.

Then the rain kept happening. NONSTOP. We were so grateful to be under a tent. Tom from Orange County Fair Speedway had just bought that tent Friday morning after he saw the forecast for potential severe thunderstorms. WOW.

I always say you never forget the rainiest live event you attended. For concerts, until Friday night, it was 3 Doors Down at Great Woods in Mansfield, MA 2003-2005 range. You just always remember that drenched, absolutely drenched feeling. My rainiest sporting event was The New York Jets at New England Patriots in Foxborough, MA back in 1994. The game was played literally through a Nor'Easter with 70 mile per hour winds. I'll never forget 12 year old Stevie rocking a trash bag to try and stay dry. To this day, even Boomer Esiason admits that was the worst weather he had ever played in his career. It's honestly a badge of honor for me that even Boomer still remembers that game I went to.

Saturday, the weather still wasn't ideal. Cloudy all over. I came up with the plan to take Benvie to Buttermilk Falls for his first time. Once the clouds started parting slightly, I called an audible and took him to High Point State Monument. There's just something feeling cool when you can say you took your friends and family to the highest elevation in New Jersey, or the top of Jersey as I referred to it. I know he'll never forget it, and we are so lucky to have this gem in Sussex County.

Saturday afternoon, time to grill our world famous burgers. Benvie hasn't experienced my grilling with our world famous burgers until this weekend, and he wasn't disappointed. I was very happy it went so great.

Sunday was a low key day, then I enjoyed a drink at Tiki Moonshine Bar with The Duke, Brad, Steve, Tory and Kyle.

Monday I was in bed early due to filling in for Steve Andrews on the WSUS Morning Show today. I'm very happy he's back tomorrow. Monday was an early night where I smoked a good stogey, and went to bed super early. And I'm still dragging LOL.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend with my parents and sister visiting. Here we go!

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