My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Lions, Tigers, Bears And Snakes, Oh My!

Disclaimer: due to it being summer time, and I need to start burning vacation days, it's that time of year again where I might not be able to post my Epic Weekend In Pictures until Tuesday or even Wednesday some weeks. You can always see where I am in real time on my Instagram Story, @SteveAllanRadio.

Well this weekend was certainly one we won't be forgetting. Oh, and after seven years of living here I finally tried my first New Jersey Bagel. Up in New England, we passionately debate who makes the best pizza or seafood. The debates always rage on depending on what folks prefer. I have friends who even do Pizza Brackets for these fun, passionate debates. A few months ago when we were visiting New England, Awesome Girlfriend Megan noticed that breakfast isn't always a huge priority up there. Yes there are diners, coffee shops, etc. Breakfast however just doesn't seem to be the largest priority. Growing up there, I would admit there aren't any breakfast destinations that I would really urge a visitor to go to. Pizza or seafood places? I can give you a lengthy laundry list in a minute's notice.

Thursday and Friday I did double duty filling in for Steve Andrews on our 102.3 WSUS Morning Show, and doing my afternoon show too. I also apparently am currently battling a nasty sinus infection. By the time I got to Space Farms I was already fried. Seeing my Space Family friends definitely helped recharge me. I did a lap around the zoo in the 90 degree weather and it was hot. My credit goes to zookeepers and farmers, who never take days off due to weather. They are all very tough people!

Saturday was annual Junior Zookeeper's Day at Space Farms Zoo & Museum. This year, in addition to our annual Facebook Live video where Andrews joins Parker Space in the snake den surrounded by poisonous snakes, I was able to do a Facebook Live preview video. As I kept dodging bears, I also held a goat for the first time in my life. You may remember a couple years ago I did a Facebook Live Goat Yoga video. This time around, I was able to hold a goat, and race one too. Comedy gold. My Space Family friends are always great sports and always know how to help us make great videos. This was a very fun preview video.

I held a chicken and a goat all in one day. WOW. Then we were able to preview Andrews going to the snake den while dodging 40 snakes, some of them very venomous. YIKES! The bears who I fed last month were definitely watching and stalking me again, by the way! YIKES. Overall a fun, memorable time was had by all. I know that many this weekend had fun, and learned so much about animals with Junior Zookeeper Day at Space Farms Zoo and Museum.

Later Friday night, I was with several of my besties at Moonshine Tiki Bar. We had a great time with many laughs. I then randomly brought up the topic of how in New England we have rivalries and battles over who has the best pizza and seafood. In New Jersey I have learned many times the rivalry between Jersey and New York bagels. These debates can get very heated!

Even if I casually mention it to Awesome Girlfriend Megan, she'll immediately scoff and say "No way, Jersey bagels are far better than New York bagels." Later then she'll apologize for being a bagel snob. I realized Friday night that I haven't even eaten a bagel in probably 8 YEARS or so. Whenever I get scrambled egg with bacon or taylor ham sandwiches, I always get them on a hard roll.

Between my sinus infection not letting me eat solid food for a few days last week, Saturday morning I thought was the perfect time for me to get some plain bagels toasted with butter for both me and Awesome Girlfriend Megan. I went to Hot Bagels in Hamburg. I figure if I'm going to try a Jersey bagel, I might as well go to some place that even has it in their name. Plus, some friends recommended it. I was surprised at how puffier bagels are here in Jersey compared to New England. Some of them looked like croissants with holes in the center of them. Interesting times for sure! I knew that we would be lounging and relaxing poolside at Minerals Sports Club with a yummy rum bucket, so I wanted to at least get some food in us first.

It was a great day to be poolside. The weather was often looking threatening but wasn't. 90 degree weather is much less painful when you have pools nearby. I went into one of the hot tubs. With hot tubs a year ago not being allowed to open due to Covid restrictions, I realized I haven't been in them in a year and a half at least. WOW. The hot tubs are one of my favorite parts of Minerals Sports Club, and it felt great to be back. I let the jets go right on my hips. It felt awesome.

Saturday night was a low key night at Jasen and Brendan's. Brendan went to town making random snacks and apps like fried dumplings. I even tried two cheeses! One of them I didn't like, one of them I did. I can't remember the names of the cheeses unfortunately. We watched a random 90s Sandra Bullock movie and enjoyed it.

Sunday afternoon it was time for our farewell beer before Meg had to go back to Hackettstown. I picked Mohawk House to switch it up for this week. With Mohawk House being where Meg and I had our first date five years ago, it made perfect sense. We enjoyed a yummy Forgotten Boardwalk IPA beer.

I then ventured over to see some of my friends back at Moonshine Tiki Bar. We had many more laughs and were busting on each other, the way a great Sunday afternoon should be. I was so happy to see my Bar Rescue marathon on television. I then looked at the guide on my TV, it was all Bar Rescues I've seen a zillion times. I lost interest, then put on The Departed movie I love so much. The history, the acting, everything, love it so much. The local landmarks of Boston always make me feel at home too.

Overall we had a nice weekend. I hope your weekend was fantastic. Thank you for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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