My Epic Summer Theme Weekend In Pictures: 1st BEAR In Months

This wasn't the most Epic Of Weekends, but still made for a fun and memorable summer weekend In New Jersey. I woke up this morning sore from the 6 or so inches of rain we've had over the past 24 hours. Ouch. Long story short, my seasonal allergies quite often kick my caboose. I'm not allergic to pollen that bad, but rain leads to mold spore allergies crushing me. It's been a tough, rainy summer. It seems like everyday this summer in northwest Jersey has been either raining or 90 million degrees outside. I've been doing Allegra, prescription nasal spray, and saline nasal rinse too. I have also started adding honey to my green tea that I swill down all day. I also took Mucinex. Any tips on anything else I can do? I'm open to almost anything at this point!

It seems like everywhere I went folks kept giving me positive feedback on my Facebook Live video I did at Space Farms Zoo & Museum last week. Throwing bales of hay to buffalo had me sore for a couple of days. I learned zookeepers and farmers never have to go on diets. Throwing bales of hay that weigh 40-60 pounds is no joke! You can see that funny video by clicking here in case you missed it.

After working so hard the past month doing my show on the road at The New Jersey State Fair Sussex County Farm And Horse Show, I was more than ready for a weekend off from work. Now that I'm looking through pictures, realizing I barely even left Vernon this past weekend. Wow.

Friday night I was able to unwind with friends at our Moonshine Tiki Bar on Campus at Minerals. I'm so lucky to live so close to everything. We had a great time, I even saw a friend I haven't seen in a couple of years. Major success.

Saturday my goal was to relax, and I knew my destination ahead of time. Weekends where I don't have Awesome Girlfriend Megan are always tough on me. Fortunately I have some amazing friends who can always cheer me up.

Saturday afternoon I spent sunbathing at The Vista Infiniti 180 Pool at Crystal Springs. It was amazing being able to unwind over there and the weather was much better than expected. Huge bonus. I made the executive decision I was going to go there even if I did get rained on. The weather ended up being gorgeous.

Saturday night was a quiet, chill Saturday night in. Nothing wrong with that once in awhile.

While getting my pizza delivered to me, I could hear a buzz in my neighborhood. A BEAR! Everyone was excited to see the two bears walking by our place. This was my first bear in a couple of months believe it or not!

Sunday I enjoyed my time at Minerals Sports Club alternating from one hot tub to another. I always seem to make new friends whenever I'm there. I think I talked the couple who was near me in the hot tub into getting a membership to Minerals. They were having such a great time on their weekend away.

It is always fun during summer weekends when you can feel the positive energy from multiple weddings and folks who come up here just to relax and getaway. I then streamed on Netflix and watched The Departed movie again, totally chicken soup for my soul.

Overall I had a terrific weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures, even though this one was slightly less Epic than normal. Time to start planning next weekend!

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