My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Teeing It Up For The Troops!

I hope you had a wonderful Labor Day Weekend. At least we had gorgeous weather more of than we didn't. My Epic Weekend In Pictures started on Friday at Wild Turkey. It was the annual Tee It Up For The Troops Golf Outing. My work bestie Shawn and I had a blast with our friends from Visions Federal Credit Union. I joked with them at lunch that this would be like a working vacation for them, we would be carried on their backs and shoulders. Shout out to my dear friend Michael Guidice with the great job he does running this golf outing every year. Michael does Tee It Up For The Troops because he used to work with another veterans organization, where he was upset to learn how low of a percentage they raised actually went to the troops. Michael proudly smiles every time I ask him what percentage of funds raised go to the troops with Tee It Up For The Troops? 93%!

The opening ceremony nearly moves me to tears every September. Especially this year as we approach the 20th anniversary of The 9/11 Attacks. When those singers sing God Bless America, it just hits you so much. Boy it's getting a little dusty at our radio station right now lol.

How did I shoot? One of my friends asked after the event and I immediately said "I shot awful, but had lots of fun!" Golfers always laugh and say "well Steve Allan, that's what really counts." As much as I struggled golfing all day on that gorgeous Friday afternoon, there was one awesome highlight. Our friends Rob, Charles, and Samir were so helpful and patient with me and Shawn. They're much more skilled in golf than we are. As Samir reminded me to just keep my head down no matter what for the whole swing, all of the sudden my friends cheered. I GOT IT ON THE GREEN!!! This is the first time in my life while golfing I have teed off and landed my shot on the green. We used my ball and I was so proud. We took pictures of me for getting it so close to the hole. I was very proud and happy. All while helping an amazing organization, at the beautiful Crystal Springs Resort. Wins all across the board!

Saturday I hung out with work besty Shawn and her sister Stacey. We had a great time relaxing at The 180 Vista Pool over at Crystal Springs enjoying our beautiful weather. Even though Sunday wasn't a nice weather day, this weekend was still 10X better than both Memorial Day and 4th Of July Weekends where it was cold and rainy the whole time.

Saturday by 3pm I was in relax mode continued and changed into my Red Sox pajama pants. If I was up in New England visiting my parents, I would be shouting out "I'm Jammy One!" I was happy to just rest and relax. I ordered Domino's Pizza. While there are other local stronger options, sometimes once in a great while I crave them. Success. Saturday night I had a nice, quiet night in. I was very happy while relaxing poolside I could see that Rutgers University Football Team was off to a great start, crushing Temple. Woohoo!

Sunday was the rainy day of the weekend. All good. After a stellar Friday golfing with Tee It Up For The Troops, a gorgeous weather Saturday, and a beautiful Monday ahead, I felt like I was playing on house money anyway.

Monday, back at The 180 Vista Pool with Crystal Springs Resort. Work Besty Shawn and I had Stacey and Maria join us. We had a blast. Last time we brought Maria there for her first time, she said "oh my god it's like you're going away on vacation this is beautiful." She's absolutely right. I love living here.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures recap. Technology issues made this one a little bit of a briefer read than usual. I hope your weekend was great. Time to start planning next weekend. The New Jersey Taco Festival at The Fairgrounds. Let's go!

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