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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Getting To Meet Kelsey Grammer!

Well this was definitely an Epic Weekend I won't be forgetting anytime soon. I pray this one actually posts.

My adventures brought me to many fun places, that's for sure. First and foremost I want to thank everyone who helped us out at Rockaway Mall. Gifts For Goldens was a huge success again, thanks to you! Years ago when we started doing this, I honestly asked if we really needed to do this. I then saw the senior wish lists. They asked for such simple, basic everyday things like a pair of socks or pair of sweatpants. That taught me very quickly oh yes we definitely need to do this! So humbling.

We will start with Friday night. Tough to believe I've been friends with my buddies Jess and Lou for now 8 YEARS. They were among my first friends I met here. Friday night they came through in the clutch for me. Yes, they came over to help me assemble my fireplace which I still say was much more than "some assembly required." The team of Jess and Lou probably were able to bang this out within five to ten minutes. Jess kept saying "this is easier than I thought not that bad," whereas I responded "hey easy easy! It's not THAT easy!"

Last week during my frustrations assembling the new electric fireplace, I bought a drill at Walmart. After further inspection and help from Jess and Lou, we realized it wasn't a drill. It was more of a sander revolver type of gadget. FINE. I didn't even return it, I threw it away in my hissy fit. The second they assembled my fireplace I said "guys, thank you so much, I need to throw away this fireplace box right away, it's been so large and reminding me of my failure for over a week driving me nuts!" They both cracked up understanding my frustration lol.

Saturday morning I was able to get some errands done, not as many as I honestly wanted to. This past year has led to me having some sleeping challenges. All good, I know it'll get better in time.

Thursday night, a text made me very excited. It was a text from work bestie Shawn, asking if I could attend a meet and greet at Crystal Springs with Kelsey Grammer, also known as Frasier from Cheers, and well, Frasier. WOW. Talk about these being a few of my favorite things. Growing up in New England, CHEERS was one of my favorite tv shows. Just thinking about the run Kelsey Grammer had from Cheers straight to his spinoff Frasier, this guy dominated primetime television for basically 20 YEARS. Wow.

Kelsey Grammer has a brewery that is based in The Catskills. I can highly recommend both his beer, and supporting him. The minute we told Kelsey Grammer that I wanted to do a quick selfie with him before I was on my way to a radiothon fundraiser, he immediately and gladly obliged. Kelsey was great. He cracked up when I told him my family in New England was so excited for me to meet "Frasugh!" He cracked up and admitted he's heard that a ton over the past 30 years. I'll include one of my favorite Frasier highlights which I quoted to him about real estate agents with Woody Harrelson. You can get a good laugh by clicking here.

Saturday afternoon once again we had a great turnout with our Gifts For Goldens. You honestly helped out some of those who need it the most, and are asking for the least. Thank you.

Saturday night I swung by and had fun with my friends Teresa, Ed, Artie, Mayor Paul and Packer Fan Patrick at The Irish Cottage. Simply a great night of friends busting on each other. Well, they were mainly busting on me but all good, we laughed a ton.

Every night this weekend was honestly an early night in, resulting with me sleeping on my couch by my new electric fireplace. Nights don't always have to be epic, right? My allergies have been so awful, Friday night I couldn't even drink a full beer, having to pour it out in my sink. Fortunately by Saturday afternoon I was feeling better and able to enjoy a beer.

Sunday I did some grocery shopping, and I always joke, I tend to grocery shop, get food, yet still stop by The Cottage on my way home. I guess it's like my light at the end of the tunnel after grocery shopping. Great seeing some friends, and then even better going home relaxing on my couch watching football. The Patriots had their bye week, and that makes me so happy because I can relax! It's sad when you realize how relaxed and happy you are when your team is on a bye and you're not going to be screaming at the TV for 4 straight hours like a maniac.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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