My Epic Weekend In Pictures: There Were Some Fails LOL

This weekend started off as basically a blank canvas with no hard drawn plans. Normally I have much more of a game plan for my Epic Weekends In Pictures, but this blank slate change up was just what the doctor ordered. How did my friends say I royally failed my Shake Shack experience? More on that in a moment, LOL.

Friday night I saw some friends for happy hour at The Cottage. It's so fun getting to run into friends while you're simply on your way home from work. I'm very lucky to have so many wonderful friends. I had a few laughs with friends, then went home nice and early. I joked how lame it is that I'm happy to be in pajama pants by 7pm. I love relaxing and watching reruns of Friends, Seinfeld and / or The Office. At least when you're on your couch there's only so much trouble you can get yourself into.

Saturday morning, it was off to Woodbury Commons. Between losing some weight over the past couple of years, and realizing that some of my dress shirts I have had for several years, it's been a goal of mine to upgrade some of the shirts. I was looking for just white and light blue, two of the most basic dress shirts you can get. You wouldn't believe how tough even this was. Between shortages and more, I haven't had luck online nor in person. Saturday my luck changed and I had more options. I did one white and one blue dress shirt from Brooks Brothers, then one white and one blue dress shirt from J. Crew. Did I mention that virtually all dress shirts are now slim fit? I intentionally went size large for the slim fit shirts at J Crew. I joked that I needed to go large so I wouldn't have to stress about being able to eat a burger. After that success, it was still early enough in the day where the line outside Shake Shack wasn't that bad at all. Shake Shack has such a passionate fan base following, I know of some friends who have gone to Mets games at Citi Field, just to go to The Shake Shack! Some have been in line for 4 innings of the game! Talk about a huge build up. I was able to go to Shake Shack right before we had that intense rainstorm Saturday. (Jesus mother nature is not giving my sinuses a chance to recover much at all!)

Are you ready to hear about how I failed at Shake Shack? I honestly wasn't impressed with the shake flavor selection. I wasn't really in the mood for a burger despite buying ahead with my large slim fit shirts. I did a hot dog, spicy buffalo fries and a Brooklyn Ale beer. I joked texted with a couple of my besties and said "it's good but possibly overrated, I wouldn't wait in line for 4 innings for this." My friends have all been busting on me all weekend ever since. "Leave it to Steve Allan to go to Shake Shack, and NOT get a burger nor a shake." LOL. Apparently I have sinned. The hot dog, french fries and beer were all good by the way. Just not good in a I would stand in line for several hours good. My friends pointed out that the burgers are the reason folks are willing to wait in line forever. Ah well. Overall we had a successful day at Woodbury Commons Outlet. I also successfully kept my pants on all weekend. Success!

This weekend I was happy to watch The Masters, a ton. It's one of my favorite weekends all year with all of the history involved, and so many stories that go along with it. Feels like you're watching The Super Bowl of golf basically.

And yes, I was getting busted on everywhere I went rocking my Boston Red Sox baseball cap while the Yankees kept crushing my Red Sox. All good. We are with our teams through thick and thin. It's still early in the season, at least we were able to salvage one win out of the weekend.

Overall the weekend was at times fun and productive. Spring is flying by tough to believe we are now less than 2 weeks from our Home & Garden Show at The Fairgrounds. We'll have to come up with some sort of stunt for me to pull off there lol. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures, despite my Epic Fail at Shake Shack. Time to start planning next weekend!

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