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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: At Least I Only Possibly Broke One Toe?

This was definitely an Epic kick off to summer Memorial Day Weekend that I will certainly never forget. When you see some of the highlights from my weekend it may honestly sound like a movie. There were bulls staring me down at The Green Valley Farms Rodeo presented by Franklin Sussex Auto Mall. It was so nice to be able to do my annual Facebook Live Behind The Scenes preview video.

I even have fun before my Facebook Live videos when I do a quick surveying of the landscape around me and trying to figure out how I can make them as fun as possible. Thanks to my friend Bill Snouffer from Nielsen Automotive Group, I had fun playing with my first ever cowbell. I'm still not entirely sure what you use the cowbell for other than to make noise and laugh, but it worked for me. It was fun getting stared down by the bull, at least he didn't charge at me like the last time I did one of these. Thank goodness for those cages!

We'll start my Epic Weekend with Friday night at The Cottage. I was having fun with some of my friends and also some of their female employees. That's when I got the idea to come up with a "surrounding myself with babes," theme all weekend. It worked out well for me when I have so many amazing female friends. I was able to enjoy a happy hour drink with my friends, and then get home in time for The Celtics NBA Playoff game against the Miami Heat. Even though the Celtics annoyed me with the way they played Friday night, at least I knew there was still a chance for them with Game 7. As we know and are reminded, ANYTHING can happen in a Game 7 lol.

Saturday morning it was time to give my Behind The Scenes Facebook Live preview video at The Green Valley Farms Rodeo. Quite often when I'm grilling one of my world famous burgers or steaks, I use their meat. I'm a pretty frequent customer at The Green Valley Farm Stand At Crystal Springs. I refer to it as our Campus Farm Stand. True to form, all of the food there looked and smelled delicious. I think my video being scheduled before the event helps me from myself so I don't get ALL of the food there LOL.

Then I traveled down 23 for almost an hour or so to venture out and see what Bed Bath & Beyond had for new pillow options. I figure I've had my pillows for 8 years, and maybe it'll hurt my neck and shoulder issues by getting firmer pillows. Already I'm sleeping with more pillows than ever so why not at this point. I got two new, firmer pillows and new pillowcases because they're also old.

I was definitely being lame, giggling while perusing items at Bed Bath & Beyond. I kept quoting the movie Old School when Will Ferrell starring as Frank The Tank explaining to kids "actually it's going to be a nice little Saturday we're going to Home Depot, maybe Bed Bath & Beyond, I don't know, I don't know if we'll have time - okay give me that beer."

Saturday after Bed Bath & Beyond I was able to swing by a special birthday party. My dear friend Carrie invited me to her Mom's place as they were celebrating Gigi's 87th birthday. You know those wonderful feelings when you're friends with everyone in the family and feel like you're family? LOVE those days. Just hanging out with Gigi, Deb, Carrie, Jennifer, Christine and Chris was so therapeutic. Carrie then informed me that they were planning on visiting me back at my place on my deck.

It really wasn't on my radar until we were on my deck playing JENGA with each other. I used to enjoy having friends over on my deck. I apparently haven't had any of them on my deck in the last 7 months. I didn't realize that I needed to have friends on my deck again until they were over and I was enjoying their company. They helped me rip a huge band aid off.

Sunday I was so happy to see my Celtics win their Game 7 and go to the Finals! Sunday day was a great day at the pool with work wifey Shawn. We enjoyed the sun for sure. The 180 Vista Pool at Crystal Springs is what I call Heaven On Earth. It's absolutely my happy place. It's like feeling when you're away on vacation somewhere, yet only a few minutes drive from where you live. I'm so lucky to have them.

Monday I had tentative plans with my dear friend Sally but those had to get changed. The result? More fun at the pool - where I injured my left pinkie toe. How? Only me.

We were just getting started and enjoying our chairs and wonderful views. Our friends Liz McDonough from Visions Federal Credit Union joined us along with her bestie Nancie. Liz, being wicked Irish like me, immediately started going through her bag searching for sunscreen. I immediately said "Liz, Irish Problems, I hear you, I have my sunscreen right on top of my bag, let me get it for you right now I got you."

Our chairs were down the hill below the pool. My bag was behind the chair for shade purposes. I tripped down the hill, couldn't stop my momentum and ended up smashing my left pinkie toe into the medal backing of the chair. It stings. I won't post any pictures of my busted up toe because we all know what those look like and I don't want to gross you out. Maybe it'll just be a bad bruise? We shall see.

Overall this Memorial Day Weekend was definitely Epic lol. Bulls, pools, and a possibly broken toe. Unreal. Thank you for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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