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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: I Miss Summer Already!

Not to sound like a spoiled brat, but this weekend I was slightly sad at times. Summer weekends here in Northwest New Jersey are so absolutely gorgeous, I'm saddened that the season is winding down. There were some classic summertime Jersey staples, some expected, some not. Gorgeous sunsets and a BEAR.

The weekend got off to a fun start Friday night at Minerals Moonshine Tiki Bar. The weather was beautiful and I had fun with some friends old and new. I'm so predictable when the sun starts going down everyone knows I head straight to the gorgeous pool to capitalize on my beautiful sunset pictures. Whenever I make my return all of my friends laugh and say "okay, let's see what you came up with over at the pool." It was overall a low key nice Friday night. With it being my first day off in two weeks, this was just what the doctor ordered.

This wasn't one of my more high active energy weekends, which was just the speed I needed.

Saturday morning I started off my day getting a massage from my Personal Massage Therapist Elaine. She really is the best one I've ever had. You can always Direct Message me for her phone number. She got out so many of my knots, it was long overdue. I joked that I was going to sound like microwave popcorn. Elaine admitted I was even worse than that! Our goal was 60 minutes but because my neck, shoulders and back were in such tough shape, Elaine gave me a 90 minute massage. It was definitely epic!

Saturday afternoon I went back to my happy heaven on Earth place, the Vista 180 Pool at Crystal Springs. I know I only have a finite time left of being able to enjoy the gorgeous atmosphere there. I was finally smart and only hung out soaking in the hot blazing sun only two hours. Several times I've been dumb and spent several hours in the hot sun only to feel like garbage the next day. It only took me 3 months to finally start figuring some strategies out for enjoying poolside life lol. It's tough to get me to relax, but that beautiful ambiance definitely helps. Only a ten minute drive away from where I live in Great Gorge Village Campus, it feels like I'm on a vacation much further away from home. Life is great there!

After Crystal Springs pool, I ventured over to Minerals Moonshine Tiki Bar and ran into my besties Brad and Carrie. We all had a great time catching up. Brad had just returned from a vacation in wine country out in Napa Valley, and we loved living vicariously through him. He even enjoyed a hot air balloon ride. His vacation was definitely Epic. It was great to hear about his great time. Just friends enjoying each other's company catching each other up on how our month has been going. The way life should be!

I ended up having a quiet, chill night on my deck. It was great just relaxing taking in nature. It's been way too hot all summer for me to be out there, plus I'm still having issues with raccoons. They still crawl up my deck to get to my neighbors deck every single night. It's very annoying for sure.

Sunday I joked it was a nice little Sunday because I went to Bed Bath & Beyond. Trying to switch things up, I got new sheets. For over 8 years I've been going with a burgundy color for my bed sheets, but this time around I was open to a change (and they were also out of burgundy in my mattress size lol.) We will see how my silver sheets work out for me. Hopefully I love them.

I then stopped by Jimmy Geez on 23 where I got waffle fries to dip into their spicy garlic sauce. I LOVE IT. The spicy garlic sauce definitely brings plenty of heat and can help clear up your sinuses. It sure got mine going lol. It was great to see my friend bartender Sam there too.

I then ended up relaxing on my deck again before going to sleep to the MTV Video Music Awards. I LOVE that they have it in Newark at The Prudential Center. Tough to believe I was just there 6 weeks ago for the New Kids On The Block concert. It truly is amazing how fast summers fly by! I feel like they go by even quicker even after we don't have to go to school anymore. Is that just me?

Overall I had a terrific weekend seeing some amazing friends. Time to start planning next weekend and it will definitely be Epic: my parents and sister are visiting me from New England! Time to start cleaning!

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