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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Taco Fun Football Misery LOL

No wonder why I'm a little tired today after my Epic Weekend while filling in for Steve Andrews on our 102.3 WSUS Morning Show. My Epic Weekend In Pictures involved a bear, raccoon, and lots of fun outdoors. We'll kick off my Weekend with Friday, where at Crystal Springs I enjoyed one of my favorite days all year: Tee It Up For The Troops! It was their 16th Annual Golf Event led by Event Chair Michael Guidice. My dear friend Michael always does a fantastic job making this event with many moving parts happen. It's always humbling seeing veterans saluting the American flag while we listen to our National Anthem. The weather was fantastic, and the golf course definitely benefitted from those several inches of rain we received last week.

It was such a great time getting to golf with work wife besty Shawn, and our friends Samir and Kevin. Not only are our clients with Visions Federal Credit Union always support of us, they're also amazing friends outside of here too. Kevin and Samir did great. Even Shawn and I each had a couple of good shots too! We finished ten under par thanks to Kevin and Samir. Yes! I always joke it's those few good shots I do crank that always has me coming back for more golf.

After a fun day enjoying the beautiful scenery all around us at Crystal Springs, it was time for dinner. They kicked it off playing when Whitney Houston sang The National Anthem at that Super Bowl. WOW. Given Whitney's Jersey ties, what an excellent decision. 30 years later and it still gets me choked up when I watch and listen to her sing it.

By 7pm I was exhausted. You can forget sometimes how little shade there is out there on the golf courses. I'm not going to complain or try to get sympathy for being outside on the golf course in the warm sun from 11am-7pm, but it can just hit you after a few hours.

It was an early Friday night in for me, but well worth it after having fun Teeing It Up For The Troops with friends.

Saturday it was time for the annual New Jersey Taco Festival at The Sussex County Fairgrounds. Our friend Steve has a hot sauce company, and came up with the brilliant idea of combining all of this with tacos. His hot sauce is fantastic. I witnessed a dog beauty pageant that was entertaining. It was so great seeing some of my friends while we were enjoying the VIP tent. I was then able to buy pickles from my friend Kyle from Kilhaney's Pickle Store in Hackettstown. I apologized that the past 11 months I haven't really wanted to go to Hackettstown.

So many wonderful memories from NJ Taco Festival. Great laughs with friends, the way life should be. Smiling faces as far as the eye could see. I think it's safe to say many had a fun time at NJ Taco Festival.

Saturday night I had a quiet night on my deck where I was trying to dodge a raccoon. Fun times. Ugh.

Sunday I spent yelling at my tv due to my New England Patriots looking terrible, and both of my Fantasy Football Teams looking just as bad! Why do I get so happy when football comes back into my world / life? LOL.

I then noticed a decent size bear right by my deck. He was chilling for a bit then made his way past my deck.

Monday I went to Trinity Rehab in Sparta for my weekly fun visit. I'm personally selfishly saddened that my physical therapist Meg is transferring from there to be closer to her family. Even though I'll miss Meg greatly, I'm happy for her.

I then went to Buffalo Wild Wings at Rockaway Mall. It definitely hit the spot with the HOT wings for sure!

Overall it was a fun weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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