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My Epic Weekend In Pictures - Lots Of Beef!

It was definitely a mix of some Epic Weekend portions with some chill moments too. There was football sadness again, but also some new experiences mixed in too. I wanted to stay rather low key because next weekend won't be. I'll be at a wedding in Lake Placid, New York. I'm so psyched to see my friends Tory and Kyle get married! We will start my Epic Weekend In Pictures off with Friday afternoon.

Due to popular demand, we have brought back our 102.3 WSUS Friday Office Lunch Party. You can enter your workplace here to win free lunch from our friends at Quarry Grill on 23 in Franklin by clicking right here. Our first winners are the Veterinary Center Of Hardyston. They were nominated by our friend Kim who wanted to pay it forward, and reward them for all of their hard work. It's always fun on Fridays bringing free lunch and making people smile. What better way to start off your weekend than that! We were able to make new friends both people and a couple of pets too. I think we're going to have some fun meeting new friends with our Friday Office Lunch Party! With our radio station, there actually can be such a thing as a free lunch after all!

Friday night I was going to see my bestie Jasen. We were contemplating hiking after work but realized it was just going to be too dark too soon. That can happen another time. He requested that I bring over fried dumplings from The Irish Cottage Inn. He loves them lol. I swung by The Cottage and picked up some fried dumplings on my way to Jasen and Brendan's. He definitely still loves them lol. Friday night was a great low key quiet night with just my besties Jasen and Carrie. We were all fried from work and really didn't have much energy for anything else anyway. All we needed was each other's company.

Saturday morning I was able to get some errands done, call Madre like I try to every Saturday morning to say hi. I had a broadcast for our 103.7 NNJ station at Tractor Supply Company in West Milford with Prime House Direct meats. They reloaded their truck and were selling a ton of meat at discounted prices. I thought it sounded too good to be true, but it was not! I was expecting to see a small food truck selling frozen meats. Instead of that scenario, I pulled up and saw a massive Ryder truck FILLED with all sorts of meat! WOW. I have seriously never seen more meat in my life! It was so entertaining seeing so many smiling faces, many pulled up their trucks with coolers ready to go! Some folks were buying meat by the case! I bought a pack of filet mignon steaks that look fantastic. I'll keep you updated on how good they are.

I made it a point to buy frozen steaks. I haven't turned on my grill yet this year. I used to love grilling with my electric grill and having friends over. I definitely am trying to push myself to get back into that.

Bestie Jasen met up with me and we went to Cove Castle at Greenwood Lake in New York. I haven't been to Greenwood Lake in a couple of years and it was my first time at Cove Castle. Saturday afternoon turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. Even the breeze was just about right where it wasn't too windy, but just about right. It's so relaxing and soothing listening to waves gently crashing. We had an awesome lunch.

Saturday night I was able to hang with more besties at Hef's Hut in Vernon by Great Gorge Golf course. It was a beautiful night to be out with friends. We had fun, the majority of conversation was about how we're so excited for Tory and Kyle's wedding in Lake Placid next weekend. This definitely figures to be Epic! I had a great time hanging with JG, Brad, Steve, Carrie, and Christine. I got my Caboose kicked in the one game of pool that we played, all good. I just wasn't feeling it. I still had a great time with my friends though for sure.

Sunday Funday football time! My Patriots were in a thrilling game but lost. They should've won. I'm still ticked that both the referees and television announcers missed what should have been an Intentional Grounding penalty on the Baltimore Ravens stud superstar quarterback Lamar Jackson. Ah well. We didn't deserve to win with how we played anyway. The worst part was Patriots quarterback Mac Jones hurting his ankle at the end. Hopefully Mac Jones doesn't have to miss too much time and can get better quick. We need him!

I then enjoyed watching Tom Brady take on Aaron Rodgers in the 4pm game after my Pats lost. Most folks are talking about how Tampa lost by 2 points, or that Gisele wasn't there at the game in attendance. What I say is that was one of Tom Brady's most impressive games I've seen him play. He wasn't just without his top wide receiver to throw to, he was without his top THREE wide receivers. He literally carried that team on his back.

My Fantasy football teams are both currently losing too ugh. Let's go Saquon Barkley for the Giants on Monday Night Football!

Overall we had a great weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start getting ready for the big wedding next weekend!!!!

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