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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Time For A New Car!

This was definitely an Epic Weekend In Pictures that I'll surely never forget. I had fun with old friends and new ones, all while upgrading my car. This weekend included somethings that I tend to do on a regular basis, and somethings that were new. We'll start with Friday. Every weekday morning at 8:45am Steve Andrews and I do our Steve & Steve feature. Fridays we preview what we're expecting to do for our weekend adventures, and Mondays we recap what went well and what didn't go well. Quite often I'll make a confession of some sort to Steve Andrews, looking at him saying "it's just you and me, right?" jokingly acting like I forget we're live broadcasting on the radio station. Even though I joke, knowing that while it's only just the two of us in the WSUS air studio, we know tens of thousands are listening. We have a great friendship and strong level of comfort with each other on the radio. We're almost like an Odd Couple in a way. We always know how to bust on each other and have fun. Sometimes, I have so much fun, I forget that I'm on the radio being listened to by so many.

Friday we talked about our upcoming weekend plans. My new car excited Steve Andrews, but not as much as the rest of my weekend plans. Sunday I was actually going to watch football for a Sunday Funday at a friend's house. Yep. When my Patriots are on tv, I don't like to watch with others. I prefer to just scream at my tv and pace around my living room floor for 3 plus straight hours. I'm a rabid Patriots fan but also a diehard football nerd too. I LOVE getting to watch the strategies and chess matches that happen within a game.

Even if it's not my team, I tend to have a vested interest between my two fantasy football leagues (which I lost both of them yesterday because Cowboys Running Back Zeke Elliott didn't play ugh!) I also have so many friends who are diehard fans of their teams, even if I'm not rooting for their teams directly, I always root for my friends to be happy as long as it isn't against me. Ugh. That just reminded me this week my Patriots have to play the New York Jets this week. My friends all know that my least favorite sound ever is the freaking J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS chant. It's so adorable when my Jet fan friends are proud of themselves for spelling a ONE SYLLABLE WORD correctly. I know I'm going to be hearing it and taunted with it. I know I shouldn't admit to how much it annoys me since it's encouraging bad behavior, but I can't hide how much I despise that chant.

Friday afternoon I did our weekly Friday Office Lunch Party and met new friends Kim and others at Garden Patch Preschool. They were all cracking up because Steve Andrews got a kick out of what a rabid maniac fan I am. I know. How I manage to stay single is a mystery to me too ;)

Everyone at Garden Patch Preschool was cracking up because I admitted on the radio Friday that I was seriously going to go to a friend's house for football Sunday Funday. For a split second I thought to myself "how do they know," then quickly remembered that yes Andrews was busting on me on the radio about it.

Friday night I was definitely ready to go out and see friends. All day from 9am on I was listening to Vets Rock on our 103.7 NNJ station. Our morning guy Borasio does an absolutely phenomenal job with these Veterans every single year. They tell amazing stories, and also what the songs they're playing mean to them. It's one of the best days on radio all year long. I always had it cranked up in my office even before I was ever the Program Director for NNJ. As amazing as it is, it can be something else for your emotions when you listen to these powerful stories all day. I was ready for an adult beverage Friday night!

Friday night I was able to hang with my friends Steve and JG. We ended up at Kite's having fun recapping our weeks and previewing our weekends. I also had fun running into my Pet Of The Week friend Dr. Bullock from Wantage Veterinary Hospital. She texted me the next day saying I missed out on having fun dancing with Dr. Bullock and her friends. I texted back that if I stayed out later, I would have had fun with them yes, but dancing, no. I'm irish. I told her me attempting to dance wouldn't be good for anyone.

Saturday, time to go to Franklin Sussex Auto Mall! Everyone was cracking up and laughing at me because I was there to pick up my THIRD White Jeep Compass from them. I leased one in 2017, one in 2019, and now here we are in 2022 and I'm leasing another one. I like what I like, alright! If it ain't broken don't fix it, right? This is the best one I've had yet. Everything that annoyed me in my 2019 like the sight lines etc, they definitely fixed in the 2022 Jeep Compass models. I'm not great at parking, but with my 2019 it felt like I was almost parking blind my vision was so bad with it. Now with this one I'm much better at parking, still leaving plenty to be desired, but so much better. Plus I was very happy to get my sunroof back. Yes, it's likely my fault for this cold spell we're experiencing because I jinxed it getting a sunroof LOL.

Sunday Funday! My friends Christine and Chris are amazing hosts when they entertain. They've been wanting me to go over for a football Sunday chill day. I connected with them last week, pointing out that with the Patriots being off on a Bye week, that made me definitely available. We watched the one o'clock New York Giants game at their place with bestie Carrie. They put out a ridiculously delicious spread, and Christine is always so thoughtful and making sure to get Steve friendly apps knowing that I'm such a picky eater. We had a blast. Early in the game I screamed at the tv, she looked at me giggling and I said "I told you what you were getting with me!" LOL. We had a great time.

I then was able to enjoy the beer Chris and I brewed together and it was rewarding!

Overall I had a great weekend. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend, our big Stuff The Bus Weekend. Friday I'm at Lakeland Bank in Sparta from 4-6pm, Saturday I'm at ShopRite Franklin from 1-4pm, Sunday at ShopRite of Sparta from 12-2. Let's go!

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