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My Epic Weekend In Pictures

This was definitely a fun Weekend I won't forget anytime soon. Friday night everyone was still buzzing about how cuddly my Pet Of The Week Lilly Grace was. You can see how cute she is by clicking here. Friday night my night started off with a fantastic massage from my dear friend Elaine Villano. You can message me for her information and you'll be glad you did. She gets knots out of me that nobody else has been able to get out of me.

I was loosened up and ready to see friends at Hef's Hut in Vernon. We had a great time laughing with Steve, Tory and Brad. At one point we had Tory scope out our online dating profiles, and she gave us all the thumbs up! At least multiple female friends have said my online dating profile is decent and reflective of who I am. We'll take that win for sure.

Saturday I had fun getting errands done like dropping off / picking up my dry cleaning etc. I kept it pretty low key because I knew Jasen's birthday was likely to be Epic.

We went to Artemio's Prime And Proper in Ridgewood. I had never heard of this nice steakhouse before and was very curious. I was pleasantly surprised with how fantastic they were. I got my Fillet Mignon with brussel sprouts and mashed potatoes. I ordered my steak rare to avoid any risk of it ending up being medium well. I was very happy to see that delicious red, juicy steak. Spooner was beside me and was enjoying an octopus appetizer. It dawned on me that I have never tried octopus before. Spooner gave me a bite of it, and I liked it! Look at me trying new things. There were many laughs, tears and great memories with friends. One of the most hilarious moments happened when the server asked if anyone had any food allergies. Brendan pointed at me and said "YES, garlic, onions, cheese, and AIR." HAHAHAHAHHAA. Serves me right for being such a picky eater.

We ended up having a nightcap drink in Warwick in a fun wine bar that was a nice, laid back atmosphere. Great night - late night - but still great night.

Sunday morning I went to Marshall's craving new, warm slippers. My main goals were to relax in my sweatpants and enjoy NFL playoff football. I was rooting for the Cincy Bengals and San Francisco 49ers, so I was happy with those results!

My comfy warm slippers definitely did their part.

One silver lining to Buffalo losing is hopefully they'll finally stop repeatedly showing the kick off touchdown play against my Patriots that they have replayed I think 19 million times give or take.

Overall my weekend involved some of the usual suspects, but also trying new things like octopus too. Thank you for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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