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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Thank You For Your Help!

This weekend was definitely Epic at times. I think we'll try to lean heavier on the pictures to tell the story. Saint Patrick's Day on a Friday where the weather was pretty decent? Sign me up please! This weekend I enjoyed time with friends celebrating Saint Patrick's Day, breaking records with our Backpack Snacks For Kids food drive, and my first ever time at nearby Mount Peter.

We'll start with Thursday, where you helped my Adopt A Pet Of The Week Sadies get adopted within two days of being on my radio show! That always helps brighten up my Epic Weekends when I see wonderful news like that. Friday was Saint Patrick's Day, oh boy! I don't remember the last time Saint Patrick's Day was on a Friday coinciding with kicking off my Epic Weekend In Pictures.

Years ago before the pandemic, I would avoid The Irish Cottage Inn in Franklin on Saint Patrick's Day. They've always done a great job handling the insane crowds, it's just different when you suddenly don't know most people at your home bar. Over the last few years when weather has been permitting, they have had their back patio deck open. This is much, much more my speed. The weather was beautiful, warm enough to be out in my hoodie from Dublin, Ireland. I felt like you could breathe much easier outside than inside where everything is so tight with people you can barely move, let alone relax and enjoy yourself. I went with work wife Shawn and ran into several of my good friends, Artie, Roy, Denise, Teresa and Ed, etc. Socially speaking it was similar to a normal Friday happy hour with friends, just happened to have 10X more people around us than usual. I enjoyed hanging out with my friends and then was happy to be home, and on my couch by 8:00pm. Nice, quiet night in I'll take that for sure.

Saturday it was our 8th annual Backpack Snacks For Kids local spring food drive. I was at Weis in Franklin, and we were well in our stride by the time I arrived for the afternoon hours. I'm happy to report we broke records, raising over 6,000 pounds of food! We also raised over $1,000 as well. This was such a special, humbling event. It was so great seeing folks who were excited to help kids here in Sussex County after hearing us on the radio talking about our event. Every single town in Sussex County has families below the poverty line. As recently as a month ago, the shelves were empty at The Sussex County Division Of Social Services Food Pantry. I'm so over the moon psyched to tell you that isn't the case right now! We always have so much fun doing our Backpack Snacks For Kids food drives. It's always so fun seeing old friends and meeting new ones too.

The weather was also good for us too! It was a great feeling getting to be able to help kids right here in Sussex County, New Jersey. One of my many favorite parts of Backpack Snacks For Kids is when kids get involved. There's nothing quite like kids helping and looking out for other kids, right?

Saturday afternoon my dear friend Vince was in town visiting from Florida. Vince and his wife Penny are two of the sweetest folks you will meet. They were also diehard supporters for my Pet Of The Week program. Vince was in town for business and was able to meet up with some friends at The Cottage on a lovely Saturday afternoon. I had perfect timing where I was able to meet up with him on my way back to Campus for bestie Carrie's weekend birthday celebration festivities. I got a yummy ice cream cake from Weis in Franklin. I know, talk about two birds with one stone, right?

Saturday night it was a nice, low key pizza party at bestie Jasen and Brendan's. Carrie wanted low key, which for me was just what the doctor ordered. We did pizza then the ice cream cake, and it was then off to Kite's. I didn't dance, but was definitely guilty of doing awful singing to all of the throwback hip hop songs they were playing. There are many reasons why it's just better for me to play songs on the radio instead of being caught singing to them.

Sunday I was feeling like having a new adventure. Fortunately I had friends who were willing and able to help me branch out. I went to Mount Peter for my first time ever out in Warwick. I've driven by it so many times over my 9 years here yet never made the trip. Mount Peter was having their annual Spring Rally, and you could see smiling faces as far as the eye could see. Smiling families all over the place. I was able to meet up with work wife Shawn, Stacy and Jim. We had a great time. To be candid, I was underdressed. I was rocking my green Boston hoodie and a fleece jacket over it. At times I was freezing my caboose off. Sunday was much colder than Friday and Saturday had been.

This was my first ever wacky waterski event! This is where skiers and snowboarders start at the top of the mountain, flying down trying to basically waterski across a makeshift pond. THIS WAS FUN AND HILARIOUS! When they make it all the way through to the other side you don't get splashed that much. When they don't make it, you're definitely in the splash zone. The first gentleman who made it had a beer in one hand and his phone in the other. Total comedy gold. I had so much fun cheering them on, I bet I'll try to see this kind of event next year. They then had some fun with folks racing cardboard boxes down the ski slope. That wasn't as entertaining to me as the wacky waterski event, but still fun nonetheless. I definitely will never forget watching my first wacky waterski pond skimming event.

After that fun, I was ready to go home and thaw out watching Bar Rescue marathon on my TV. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend. I'll be seeing Third Eye Blind at a concert venue with a friend that I've never been to before, so there will be some more adventures.

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