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My Epic Halloween Weekend In Pictures

This week we'll have to let the pictures tell most of the story for my Epic Weekend In Pictures. All good since we have over 40 pictures in this edition, and a Facebook Live video of me giving a tour at ShopRite Of Sussex, being joined by multiple BEARS. Well, ShopRite teammates who were nice enough to dress up as bears for our video like they do every year.

Thursday night we started my Epic Weekend In Pictures with my second attempt at Body Pump. My bestie Sally does such a great job instructing these classes. I'm still sore days later from Body Pump while writing this. It'll be a long battle trying to get healthier and into better shape, but one step at a time we can do it. The first small steps are the toughest anyway, right? I definitely had fun and it was great running into some friends as well.

Friday after work my friends at Crystal Springs asked me to help out and be one of the secret judges for a local school Halloween competition. We have some talented kids here in our area, that's for sure! The pumpkin carvings were out of this world. There was plenty of creativity between Barbie movie decorations to classics like Ghostbusters and so much more.

After judging and hopefully making local schools happy with their prizes, I ventured over to Kite's at Minerals. I was happy to run into besties Brad and Steve. Nice, Friday night catching each other up and busting on each other, the way life should be.

Saturday morning I successfully picked up and dropped off my dry cleaning. After that it was time for Grand Opening fun at ShopRite Of Sussex. WOW. Talk about an absolutely gorgeous new store. My favorite part is the tribute to High Point Monument. When you're grocery shopping, it can be a great reminder of how lucky we are to live in this area. The True Value at ShopRite Of Sussex and seafood fish market did not disappoint! We had so much fun meeting new friends and seeing old ones too. I had plenty of fun giving away ShopRite gift cards and ShopRite Yeti Tumblers too. A fun time was had by many. I enjoyed my Facebook Live video where I had multiple bears help me out as you can see. ShopRite Of Sussex has everyone in our area buzzing, that's for sure!

Saturday night it was time to venture out and make appearances at some Halloween parties. Full disclosure, I have never liked to dress up for Halloween. I don't like costumes. Okay, I do like some cute costumes, especially when they're on pets. Dressing up for Halloween just isn't my cup of tea. The last few years I have put a little more effort into it instead of just wearing one of my Batman tee shirts. I cut sleeves off of one of my Patriots hoodies, and wear a headset I have. I'm Patriots coach Bill Belichick. It shows how much we are struggling to stay relevant these days. Some people figured out that's who I was. Some saw my headset and thought I was dressed up as a radio guy calling me out saying I can't dress up like a radio guy if I am already a radio guy. LOL.

Saturday night I ventured out to Warwick where my friends Peter and Sally were hosting a massive fun Halloween party. It may appear to be a two car garage on the outside, but on the inside they converted this into a Halloween destination! They clearly spent many, many hours decorating this for our party. Wow! I had a great time running into friends.

I enjoyed seeing some friends I haven't seen in a couple of years! After a couple of hours, it was time for me to venture back closer to Campus.

I was able to check out The Halloween Howl at Minerals. WOW. They have done a fantastic job with their new ballroom. You would never know that these used to be tennis courts! I can't believe the time I tried tennis there, we had a radio station Girls Night Out party there too years ago. Crystal Springs did a fantastic job turning this into a ballroom that felt like a legit night club! I ran into besties Jasen and Brendan, plus Brad and Jacques. It was fun getting to see them. Perfect way to wrap up the night. I liked that it was close to home for me, not needing to worry anymore about driving 30 minutes on Saturday night of Halloween weekend in the dark.

Sunday football Sunday. Bestie Jacques was able to help get my YouTube up and running so I could watch my Patriots without even having to leave my living room. They lost to a better team, the Miami Dolphins. Ah well. At least I was able to watch the game at home and be miserable alone not around other people.

They then switched the game over to The Giants and Jets. WOW. I still can't believe how that game turned out ending. Of course with me not going to The Giants game, both my Patriots and The Giants lost. Ugh. Yes, some friends are yelling at me for not going to The Giants game. Even if the weather wasn't raining, cold and miserable, I still wanted to stay home and watch football if possible. Mission accomplished, even though the results weren't great.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend!

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