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My Epic Weekend In Pictures Bringing On Christmas!

This weekend was definitely action packed, that is for sure! We'll start with Friday afternoon where we had our annual 102.3 WSUS Christmas Kick Off Party at Industry in Sparta. This was our first time ever having our Christmas Kick Off Party at Industry in Sparta, and it was a huge success. So many people were amazing in helping make this amazing. Thank you so much to our friends Sussex Christian School, Merriam Avenue, and Veritas for performing Christmas songs at our party. It is not easy to be ready to perform Christmas songs on November 10th, and these kids were fantastic. Each school was amazing and helped us get into the holiday spirit even more.

Right at 5:00pm, we flipped to all Christmas and then were joined by Santa helping us count down and light a big tree at Industry. For those keeping track at home, our first song again was Michael Buble's Christmas Baby Please Come Home. It's one of my favorite Christmas songs.

It was a great afternoon seeing so many happy local families and everyone was upbeat. Santa and Mrs. Claus always deliver in the clutch. It warms my heart to know that we'll be able to share fun with many families at Industry in Sparta. It was one of those events that felt great right from the get go.

As you can imagine, I'm asked quite often about why we do Christmas music when we do. Basically radio is not that different from other businesses and industries, if it didn't work, we certainly wouldn't do it. The numbers definitely don't lie, that's for sure. Everything increases when we go into Christmas mode. It's also fun seeing so many families and kids light up like Christmas trees when we flip to Christmas. While not everyone is ready for Christmas music, we'll be here for when everyone is ready. For those who are excited I say Merry Christmas!

Friday night I was hanging out with some of my besties, starting to map out my weekend. One of my friends asked what I was up to Saturday. I randomly came up with the idea of going to Alice's at Lake Hopatcong. Our bartender bestie Sam has been there for several months, and we haven't seen her yet. To be fair I did try twice, but the parking lot was full. I texted her Friday night to confirm she'd be there. I had a great time with besties JG, Brad and Carrie. I had delicious buffalo wings (I know, me getting buffalo wings, what a shocker lol.)

The ambiance was beautiful at Alice's. The look of fall foliage around Lake Hopatcong was absolutely beautiful. We were all psyched with our semi impromptu decision to make a field trip to Lake Hopatcong.

After having a great day out, we then went over to Brad's for an impromptu Pearl Jam listening party. We just hung out and listened to fun Pearl Jam songs. We also had fun playing with his cats who are both so friendly. It was a fun Saturday night in, after a fun Saturday day out.

Sunday my Patriots played against the Indianapolis Colts in Germany, with a 9:30am kick off start. UGH. I even joked at least they were putting me out of my misery earlier in the day as opposed to later in the day. The game was absolutely painful. I've been defending their young quarterback Mac Jones all along, but my patience is now thin. One of my besties back home Matt even accused me of being cousins with Mac Jones because I'm always defending him. The first half he got sacked 5 times, I couldn't fault him. At the end, the killing interception was painful and horrible. It was embarrassingly bad. This has not been a fun football season. My fantasy football teams are all struggling too. Ugh. Why am I so happy when football returns into my world?

It was a fun Christmas Kick Off Weekend. Next weekend we'll be Stuffing The Bus with our annual food drive. Everything we collect stays local, and it's one of the most important / rewarding things we do all year. I can't wait to see you out there. Then the following weekend, I'll be up in Boston for Thanksgiving. Here we go!

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