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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Making Progress Learning To Ski!

WOW. I had so much fun learning how to ski this month at Mountain Creek. I feel a sense of accomplishment. We started me off with zero skiing experience at the Terrain Based Learning Center. I had so much fun picking up skiing again where we left off 4 years ago. I wanted to show that we're never too old to try new things, and learning new to us activities too. My instructor Jay is absolutely terrific and patient! I highly recommend him. These fun videos wouldn't be possible without my work besties Shawn Stinnett and Stephen Reinauer. Steve was able to snowboard while shooting our Facebook Live videos. These videos wouldn't have been possible without him.

Last week I was able to graduate from Terrain Based Learning Center to The Sugar Quad. I did pretty well except for when I was getting off the chairlift and totally fell. That was embarrassing and frustrating, but I'm told by friends that it's a very common challenge. It felt good to know I'm not alone lol.

I remember last week looking at my work bestie Steve who was going for a snowboarding run on The Cabriolet. I looked at him, looked at The Gondola going all the way up to the top of our mountains. I asked "are you going all the freakin way up there?" He then said "yeah buddy, and that's where you're going next!" I was floored, and excited all at the same time.

This was my first time ever going on the gondola. I'm a sissy who's scared of heights. Basically I just try to keep talking and keep myself distracted without looking down or back.

Due to the weather conditions, we had to strategize how to execute our Facebook Live video. Last week we started our video off with me on the chairlift going up Sugar Quad. This time around we started the video with me skiing halfway down The Cabriolet. We were able to mix it up and start with the action of me learning to ski. I had a great time. There were a couple of near spills for sure, but overall we made great progress.

I probably looked at everyone like they had 3 heads when they brought up the potential of me making not just one run, but two!

Every time I've been doing these Facebook Live Learn To Ski videos, I've been live on Facebook. The second run where we weren't worried about doing a live video, just merely skiing, was very enjoyable for me. I felt more confident and looked the part. It was much easier and quicker for me second time going down The Cabriolet.

I can now say that I am officially HOOKED on skiing! I absolutely loved my experience. I cannot wait to go back out there next year. My goal down the road is to be able to ski by my place on Granite Peak, be able to stop and wave over to my friends and family on my deck. I think that would be so cool. Only so many people can claim to do that.

Saturday I had a nice trip to Rockaway Mall. I enjoyed a quick shoulder rub, and then Buffalo Wild Wings which was just what the doctor ordered for me. Saturday night I was able to hang out with my bestie Steve for a bit, before Jasen + Brendan and our friend Matt invited me over to Matt's for the WWE Royal Rumble. It was great getting to hang with them plus Ash, Kate and Bryon. It had been far far too long.

Sunday I ended up at Grasshopper with Christine, Chris and Carrie. They were enjoying me in football mode screaming at the television. I kept saying "Travis Kelce doesn't sneak up on anyone, how are they not freakin covering him at all????"

Overall it was an Epic Weekend that I'll never forget. Thank you so much for watching these fun videos I've been doing all month. Time to start planning next weekend, that painful, boring first Sunday without football.

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