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My Epic Weekend In Pictures: Cleaning Up!

This was definitely a productive at times weekend for me. The most important thing I did was starting to clean my place before my parents visit me next weekend for President's Day Weekend. Most of the cleaning I did will likely have to be done over and over again with our impending snowstorm. Keeping your place clean during winter can be tougher than summer.

Friday night I went out with besties JG and Steve at Hef's Hut in Vernon. I was expecting a very hectic and large crowd due to the beautiful weather and golf course backdrop. I was totally wrong. For awhile it was just me, JG and Steve there. We were surprised. As the night went on more showed up, but it was definitely not what I would've expected. We all had so much fun talking about the Super Bowl Halftime Show, trying to predict what song Usher might open with. My bestie JG predicted that Usher would open with Yeah, I predicted that he would close with it. Instead, Usher opened up with Caught Up, one of my personal favorites from him. Our bestie Steve was making fun of me and JG for speculating what song Usher might start with at the show. For us, speculating on what Usher was going to play was half the fun of it. Our bartender friend Kailey was also excited for Usher's halftime performance. She was cracking up pulling up pictures of Usher modeling underwear. I think she was excited for his performance for different reasons than I was excited for his performance. LOL.

Saturday morning I went to Granny's Pancake House for my breakfast of champions. I knew there was going to be hours of cleaning ahead for me, so might as well have a nice, hearty breakfast first.

You may have seen this in the media throughout the past year where folks on camera have tried to quote as many Taylor Swift song titles and lyrics as possible. I made a couple of Taylor mentions during my Pet Of The Week video.

To amuse myself, I did this with Usher songs. I would often use an Usher lyric or song title to coincide with my Epic Weekend In Pictures. I had a little bit of fun with it. My cleaning went pretty well. I still have some more organizing to do, and will likely have to reclean several times with our impending snowstorm. I still felt pretty accomplished after cleaning down my place.

Saturday afternoon I was able to go see Jasen & Brendan and meet a new addition to their family. It was such a thrill meeting Cheeto. It's so fun seeing a kitten or puppy start off so timid and watch their confidence grow by leaps and bounds. We also were amused pulling up the surveillance video that showed Cheeto falling off the kitty tree, but fortunately getting himself back up.

Saturday night I was home and saw that the Dodgeball movie was going to be on, one of my favorite comedy movies ever. I was so psyched. Laughter is quite often terrific medicine, that's for sure.

Tough to believe Dodgeball came out 20 years ago in 2004. Usher's 'Yeah, also came out in 2004. So many full circle things happening this weekend.

Sunday I was able to get flowers for a few of my besties. Buying flowers this time of year, Valentine's Day week can be extremely challenging. The price points are jacked up so much, and quality of selection can also be tough. I was able to get a bouquet of flowers for besties Jennifer, Carrie, and Christine. I was happy with how the flowers came out. Grocery stores weren't too busy despite it being Super Sunday too.

Sunday I was happy with Christine and Chris hosting a terrific Super Bowl party. I was happy with our schedule where we could start going over to their place at 2. I was able to hang out with everyone for a couple of hours, then make it home in plenty of time to watch the game alone at my place.

I wanted the 49ers to win but thought that the Kansas City Chiefs would. Unfortunately, I was right and we won't be able to dodge the Chiefs / Patrick Mahomes / Travis Kelce at all! You thought they were everywhere all over the place before this, get ready. It's already exhausting.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend with my parents visiting!

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