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Pet Of The Week

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My Epic Summer Weekend In Pictures

This was definitely an epic summer in New Jersey weekend I'll never forget. Overall this weekend I had plenty of time in the sun with friends, making fun memories and enjoying some laughs too. This weekend started off ironically at Minerals, only a few minutes drive away from where I live in Vernon at Campus. Kate and Bryon have always been one of my favorite couples. For over a year I told them I was going to their wedding at The Minerals backyard Pavilion whether or not I was invited. I threatened to crash it regardless with it being so close to me. I even crashed their engagement party at Orange County Distillery's Brown Barn Farm. They ended up formally inviting me so I didn't have to crash it. The wedding was starting Friday afternoon outdoors and it was hot and muggy. I was suited up but it was just too hot for a tie. The wedding, officiated by my friend Vlastik was fantastic. My friend Vlastik was one of the very first friends I met after moving here 9 years ago. It was so fun seeing so many things come full circle. I joked that it had been awhile since my eyes felt the sensation of being filled with tears and sweat. I was with Jasen and Brendan, they joked that it was probably 14 months ago the last time I had that sensation of tears and sweat in my eyes at the same time, their wedding in Punta Cana. They might be right.

I was very excited for this wedding. I'm so happy to see my friends Kate and Bryon getting married, and it was one of those weddings where you have so many close friends nearby. We had a great time. This was an absolutely beautiful wedding. The bridesmaids shotgunning their seltzer drink was something I had never seen before and was hilarious.

I went home by 10 and fell asleep probably not too long after that. It was definitely an epic 5 hours, that's for sure. Epic with so much fun.

Earlier last week my friend Bill Eid randomly called me. I miss his wife Kim working with us, but am happy she's happy where she is. He asked if I was around during the weekend for golf. I told him absolutely! We were able to make our tee time for Ballyowen at 11:30 Saturday morning. Last month when I golfed at our DPD Wiegand Farm classic I had the best day I've ever had golfing hitting a few great shots. I think it was because our friends golfing with us from Visions Federal Credit Union are excellent golfers and we were playing the scramble best ball format. That format takes a ton of pressure on me being the beginner golf who only goes out a few times a year.

Saturday at Ballyowen was so much fun with besties Artie, Bill and Steve. How did I play? ABSOLUTELY AWFUL. It was beyond painful. I couldn't get anything right outside of a few decent putts. I still had a great time out there with them though, and that's what really matters.

Sunday I wanted to continue taking advantage of our beautiful summer weather. I met up with besties Shawn and Lauren at Crystal Springs Vista 180 Pool. My heaven on Earth happy place and the weather was beautiful. I even went into the pool which I usually don't do because I'm a wimp who doesn't like to get cold lol. While I was enjoying my time there, I had several friends hanging out at Minerals for their pool day. I was able to run into some of them and we had many laughs as I was pool hopping. Great times.

Overall I had a wonderful weekend. Thank you for taking the time to read my Epic Weekend In Pictures. Time to start planning next weekend, and it will start with seeing Dierks Bentley at Bethel Woods Friday night! LET'S GO!

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