American foods the rest of the world calls "gross"

According to a new Reddit thread these American Foods are not so appetizing to people around the world. Do you agree with some of them? 

1. Hershey's Chocolate. To foreigners the Butyric acid give Hershey's a bitter sour taste. Butyric acid can also be found in yogurt and some cheese. 

2. American Cheese and it's cousins Cheez wiz and Easy Cheese. I agree with foreigners on this one. 

3. Fast Food. They say our fast food restaurants use too much salt. They're probably right but I love salt. 

4. Too much ice. You ask for a large beverage and half the glass is ice. In other countries you have to ask for ice if you want it. Fair enough.

5. Excessively sweet baked goods. Especially grocery store sheet cakes and even our white bread. I can't argue on this one either.

6. Portion sizes. Foreigners think we're getting way too much to eat. I wouldn't mind smaller portions as long as the price was smaller too.

Source: Food and Wine

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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