My dog is so good at guilt trips

     I totally love my dog Maddie. To be perfectly honest she makes me a much happier person.  Most people who have a dog would probably say the same thing. She was supposed to be my son Matt's dog.  I told him when he brought her home she would wind up being my dog and I was right.  Matt says I just spoiled her too much so he just gave up.

     When I was raising my kids I was pretty easy going about discipline. When I look back I was very lucky because they were all good kids.  Now it's my kids who tease me about being such a push over with Maddie.  All she has to do is look at me with those big brown eyes and she gets to share whatever I'm eating. 

     Maddie knows I'm a push over too. She even knows how to get me to leave my favorite spot on the couch so she can have it.  All she has to do is put her chin on the edge of where I'm sitting and look like she wants to go out in the yard. When I get up to open the slider, she jumps into my spot. Which I have to share with her the rest of the night. 

     Speaking of going out.  I have a nice fenced in yard which Maddie has full range to enjoy. She is smart enough to know my vegetable garden is off limits. This dog completely ignores me when I call her in. Just like a little kid she pretends she can't hear me when I call her! She doesn't realize her human knows how great dogs can hear. When one of my sons is home all they have to do is call her name once and she comes in. She totally knows I'm a push over! 

     Which leads to the picture I posted today. This is Maddie looking out the window as I was leaving last night to go out to dinner with Matt and James. Her big brown eyes, head in her hands, looking sad through the window. Several friends who commented on the picture on Facebook said: "I hope you brought her home a treat." I guess she's not the the only dog that has her human wrapped around her finger.   

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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