Pet Translators could be a reality soon

     Growing up Dr. Dolittle was one of my favorite stories. Now Amazon backed researchers in the United Kingdom say is it quite possible that one day soon we will be able to translate dog barks and cat meows into English. 

     A professor at Northern Arizona University has already discovered that prairie dog make specific sounds for colors and different predators.  Technology that will accurately translate specific sounds from dogs and cats into human words could be on the way soon. The device might be something like Amazon "Alexa." I just hope this new technology won't give our pets a chance to order pizza.

     Of course any pet owner will tell you they can already understand what their pet is trying to say to them most of the time. Dogs and cats have lived with humans for thousands of years and have evolved in a way that allows them to communicate with us quite well. It's still pretty amazing to think of technology that translates barks and meows into words though. 

     The picture below is my dog "Maddie." I already know what she is saying to me. "Daddy, don't go to work. Stay home and play tug of war with me instead. It's a lot more fun than going to work."  

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