Pop Sugar's top 5 fast food French Fries

     French fries are one of my favorite foods. Depending on my mood they could actually influence where I stop for fast food. Pop Sugar recently ranked the top 10 fast food fries in the U.S.A.  Some of the fast food places are on the west coast. Here are the top 5 fries in our area.

1. McDonald's- what can I say. They're perfectly salted, a little sweet, crispy outside, soft inside and the perfect size. 

2. Wendy's- skins are left on for a home made feel and seasoned with sea salt. Nice! 

3. Five Guys- You get an overflowing cup made from fresh real potatoes perfectly seasoned and cooked.

4. Sonic and Burger King - the fries at both places are reviewed as very good but boring. Tater tots at Sonic are what we should be ordering instead. 

5. Shake Shack- they serve crinkle cut fries. If you like this style you'd probably rank them higher. I've had Shake Shake fries but I was too busy enjoying my burger to pay much attention to them.  

When I was in California I went to In and Out Burger. They're fries were actually number 5 on the Pop Sugar list.  They're about the same size as McDonald's fries but made from fresh potatoes right in front of you. I really liked them. 

One suggestion I have for all fast food places: Offer small packets of brown gravy with your fries. I think the first place to do that will sell even more fries. 

Source: Pop Sugar

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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