Have you tried taking a coffee nap?

     Coffee naps do work. I've taken then for years and I never knew what to call them. Here's what you do. Just drink a cup of coffee and lie down for a short nap. By a short nap I mean about 30 minutes. When you wake up the coffee has kicked in and you have also recharged. 

     On top of the energy boost a "coffee nap" could make you feel more relaxed later in the day. So you might not need an additional cup of coffee later in the day. The key is keep the nap short.  

     They used to call short naps power naps. I guess when you combine a cup of coffee they work even better. Actually, I discovered this years ago when my 3 kids were still in school. I would get home from work and have a cup of coffee. Then lie down until they got home around 3 o'clock. The energy boost from the nap and coffee got me through helping with homework and dinner.

     Good Luck. Power naps are worth a try.

Source: Huffington Post 


Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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