6 Things you shouldn't say to sales associates

      You have probably heard me say that I worked in a supermarket for 7 years while I was in high school and college.  Several members of my family work in retail today. I have many friends who work in stores as well.  I truly appreciate what they do and what they have to put up with sometimes.

     This morning my page is for them.  If you don't work in retail I hope after reading this you will be a little nicer to the people who work in the stores you go to this holiday season.  If you do work in retail this will remind you that you are not alone. 

     Things you should never say to someone who works in a store. Especially, during the holidays.

     1. "Wow, It's busy in the store today" They know that already...

     2. "I'm in a hurry, could you make it quick." That would be enough to make me go slower.

     3. "Can you get one from another store" There's no time for that. 

     4. "Are you sure you're out of stock? Can you check again?" You're lucky there was time to check once.

     5. "Can I get a discount on this?" What makes you so special?

     6. "Can I come in? I'll be quick." Just before closing These were the people who annoyed me the most. 

  Source: Mamamia


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