Weird facts about your relationship with food

     Rachel Herz has written a book called: "Why You Eat What You Eat: The Science Behind Our Relationship with Food." Here are some interesting findings mentioned in the book.

1. The shorter the distance between us and our food. The more food we eat. That's why I put all the ice cream downstairs.

2. Sweets can make you powerful. A study at McGill University found students who ate something sweet could hold their arm in bitter cold water 18 percent longer.

3. Hot sauce lovers might live longer.  A 19 year study of 16,000 people found that folks who eat red chili peppers on a regular basis had a 13 percent lower mortality rate. 

4. You eat more when you dine with a group according to research from Sam Houston University.

5. You buy more high calories treats when you bring your own bag to the supermarket. That's the conclusion of a study done by Harvard and Duke Universities.

6. The noise on a plane makes food taste bland. There's a facial nerve that carries taste sensations to the brain. The nerve crosses through the middle ear so loud noise lowers our perception of salty and sweet. 

7. Rooting for a loosing football team can cause you to gain weight. When their team looses football fans eat more high calorie foods the next day. Be careful Jets and Giants fans!   

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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