My weekend in 5 pictures

      Since I didn't have any live broadcasts there was plenty of time to relax and do things as they came along.  My son Matt was a part of several of my cool activities this weekend.  One of the pictures is a view of Matamoras, Pennsylvania taken with the drone Matt got for Christmas. He loves those things. After seeing how much fun it was Matt and I have several more drone flying ideas in the future. By the way, for those of you who don't know I live in Matamoras. We were flying the drone on my front porch. 

     Another project Matt and I worked on was repairing the igniter on my oven. As you may already know, I am not handy around the house. This time thanks to Matt I was successful. It was truly a team effort.      

     I took a picture of my crock pot but we didn't use it.   The recipe I wanted to use for our wings actually called for them to be baked not slow cooked. The picture is there because I wanted my crock pot to know we still appreciate him in spite of what happened on This is Us. 

     On Sunday my 3 sons James, Matt and Dave were home to watch the Super Bowl. Since it was just the 4 of us so 3 pounds and wings and a stromboli was enough food.. Matt made the stromboli at work and I made the wings in our newly repaired oven. We don't like the wings overly hot or sticky so all I used was barbecue sauce and soy sauce.  The wings came out great. I think the next time I'll toss in a little bourbon. We'll call them Matt and Dad's boozy wings! 

     My other big success was Daisy letting me brush her.  When we took her home from the shelter I noticed her fur was really matted in several places. I've held off on brushing her because she has still been a little nervous. We made some progress. She let me brush her for about 5 minutes before letting me know she was getting very annoyed. I know with the matted fur gone she will be more comfortable. She still won't let anyone get a good picture of her. We'll keep trying. 

Steve Andrews

Steve Andrews

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